Saint Totteringham's Day: Three Cheers to Arsenal's Fabulous Fans

H Andel@Gol Iath @gol_iathAnalyst IIIJanuary 23, 2017

LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 24: Fans react after Theo Walcott of Arsenal scores during the Barclays Premier League match between Arsenal and Aston Villal at Emirates Stadium on March 24, 2012 in London, England.  (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)
Julian Finney/Getty Images

With a well-timed right boot, facing his own goal, Kieran Gibbs made what some fans are calling a £30 million block to save Arsenal's season.

The entire defense was so shocked and grateful that the redirected ball, off and up to the left of Arsenal area, parallel to the by-line, was left to roll harmlessly away.

Normally someone would have scrambled after it to hoop it away to some far off place, anywhere but Arsenal's danger area. 

Wojciech Szczęsny pumped his gloved hands worshipfully at Gibbs.

Earlier, Laurent Koscielny had thrown himself at a fierce shot just outside Arsenal's area. This ensured that Wojciech Szczęsny would not be troubled and that this would not fortuitously end up in Arsenal's goal.

Hope was kept alive.


The battle at the Hawthorne. Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images.

Szczęsny, himself, had parried away a fierce drive to keep the scoreline in Arsenal's favor in the count down to the end of the match and of the season for both Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur.

Earlier in the match, in fact very early, Yossi Benayoun's tenacity had set the ball rolling towards a favorable result for Arsenal. Nor should we forget the hard work of all the players on the pitch.

When fortune appeared to have reversed for Arsenal, Andre Santos, who is always willing to be idiosyncratic, got Arsenal on par in this game, ensuring that a thread of hope remained for Arsenal with sufficient time left in the match to earn the necessary victory.

Meanwhile, on the bench Arsene Wenger and Pat Rice suffered considerably. The former more visibly, the latter more stoically. 

These were the heroes on the pitch, but the story does not stop with them.

The away fans kept faith and cheered bravely on. A huge shout must go to you.

One cheer has to go to Arsenal fans of B/R.

Arsenal's forum is the most lively on B/R, just check the article reads and comments and the number of fans that have signed up. 

I thank you personally for this show of passion and dedication. I am most grateful for the support from you, readers, who have returned again and again to read and make comments on many of my articles, especially but not exclusively my analysis articles.

Eric Spender, you've not been around for a while, but your thoughtful comments on my early Arsenal articles on B/R got me going.

Volpino, Phil 1stine, what can I say? Matured and relevant comment, plus the occasional but relevant encouragement always and often. Thanks.

Mr Good, you always show up at the appropriate time, and pierre kassar, thanks for your steady support. Thanks too to only 1.

Vin Thora, I'm not sure who won the Walcott argument, but thank you for the vigorous debate. I thank Shaun Gregory too for your maturity and understanding in the Van Persie-role debate. 

Cosmos Onyeyiri, luis sosa, Charlie Nnamani, Miguel Ruiz, Van Persie, antonio lopez 2, sourabh patil, Eli Crowe, KEane Chukwuneta, Ben Chapman, Mr. Blehlup, Doug Nichols, Imran Hossain, Alex H, Charlie Nnamani, Will Scarlett, Chang Kabaka, Nikita Mokhov, Anabelle Lake, Matthew Schmdit: 

You've all taken time at one time or the other to leave encouraging messages for me on my Bulletin Board or on the comments section. Thanks so much.

Now here's where the offense comes, I cannot possibly list all the names of the readers that have supported me this past eight months, readers including the following:

E_Con 211, Paulo Asuncion, Adetokunbo Abolarin, Mahmood Aljasem Taiwo Omotayo, Pradyumna KP, Jose Martinez, Brandon Mahanm, Darren Reilly, Diego Muslera, Tazvida Moses, Vin Thora, Maverick Gooner, Gervinhos Forehead, Jakkob The Gunner, Siddharth Mittal, justin d, Tim Makhauri, Ankit Srivastava, Mumba S, Will Leivenberg, Ben Chapman, John mufc, James M, Kasyidie Kasman, Arteta Armada, Arjun Johal, Abinav Grover, Tim Makhauri, Retspool, etc.

Please, if you're name is not on the list above, it isn't because your support has been less appreciated. So forgive me. I'd like to say that I appreciated everyone who has given me fan support by adding me to the list of their favorite writers. Thanks very much.

For all these readers, a huge cheer is in order.

To my fellow writers on B/R: Allan Jiang, Sean Swaby, Pradeep Kumar, Matthew Snyder, Ratan Postwalla, Charlie Melman, Callum Mackenzie, Bren Goetze, Michael Cummings, Mohamed Al-Hendy, Toni Okike, Ciaran Gowan, Dave Morrison, Devil in a New Dress, Will Leivenberg, Aditya M S, Roberto Alvarez-Galloso, Dan Talintyre, James Dudko, thanks for bringing so much variety and insight to B/R and to the Arsenal section.

A huge cheer must also go to the editors. A single out just a few: Teresa Mesch, Ben Rosenthal, Delores Smith-Johnson, Allan Lim, Paul Kasabian, Sean Swaby, Alison Myers. Thanks not only for your support and feedback, but for making possible a pleasant writing experience on B/R.

Celebrating third place. Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images.

A huge cheer, then, to all.


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