Don't Give Up on Notre Dame...Yet

Steve PopowskiCorrespondent IFebruary 1, 2009

Can it get any worse for Notre Dame basketball right now? Not only have they lost five games in a row, but they had their 40+ win streak at the Joyce Center snapped, and now have lost two in a row there. They are about to drop out of the rankings, and find themselves 3-6 in Big East play.

Can it get any worse for Notre Dame right now? Well yes, they can drop all the rest of their games this year and be the laughing stock of college basketball. Hell, their football team has been the laughing stock of college football the last few years. Why not basketball too?

Before we jump on that bandwagon though, we need to realize that Notre Dame may be 3-6, but they are still a VERY dangerous team. Yes, Notre Dame is going through a brutal schedule right now, but before we start to scrutinize what went wrong, we need to realize that come tourney time, they will dangerous. There is still hope...and here's why.


1. The Schedule

Notre Dame has 6 losses in Big East play thus far, but only one loss has really been a bad loss. All of the teams that they have lost to, except St. Johns, have been legitimate (@ Louisville, @ Syracuse, @ Pittsburgh, Marquette, and UConn). All of those games panned out the way they should have panned out. Losing at the Joyce Center was bound to happen.

They have a pretty easy Big East schedule remaining. The only two tough games left are against Louisville and UConn. The rest of the Big East schedule consists of "winnable" games. If they lose both of their games against Louisville and UConn but win out otherwise, they will finish the season at a respectable 10-8.

Will they be a top four team come the Big East tournament? Probably not. But they can end the season on a high note,and everybody knows that come tourney time, momentum is everything.


2. Luke Harangody

Despite losing, star Luke Harangody has still put up monster numbers. He is still putting up 20+ points and 10+ boards per game in Big East play, and is only getting better with every game that he plays. As long as the team has a star player, there is always a chance.


3. Kyle McAlarney will shoot better

He is too good a shooter to continue to shoot below 30 percent from the field. His last three games, he has shot a combined 9-38. Without his dangerous shot, the Irish are missing a crucial part of their offense.

People are beginning to cross Notre Dame off their list of potential Final Four teams, but people still need to realize that despite losing, they have the potential to shake up the field come tourney time.