Anthony Randolph Fires His Agent, B.J. Armstrong

K ShakranSenior Analyst IFebruary 1, 2009

Janny Hu of the San Francisco Chronicle just reported that rookie Anthony Randolph has fired his agent, BJ Armstrong. This is extremely rare for a rookie to fire an agent mid-season.

Armstrong also represents the No.1 overall pick Derrick Rose.

"My people and I decided it was the best for me," Randolph said to Hu. "B.J.'s a great agent, but we decided this was best."

Rightfully so. It may be best for the 19-year-old rookie, but could spell trouble for the ailing Warriors.

Two months ago, head coach Don Nelson told Randolph to inform his agent to start looking for some lucrative deals around the NBA market. The reason? Nelson thought the "Randolph situation" was not "going to work out."

According to Hu, Nelson has denied these reports. Yes, just like Stephen Jackson decided to refute Tim Kawakami's report that he and Nelson were involved in an "argument." Days later, Jackson confirmed the incident.


What could this mean for the Warriors?

Randolph fired Armstrong because he failed to talk Nelson into any playing time for the raw 6'10'' forward. Quite frankly, he failed to convince Nelson that Randolph should get playing time over Rob Kurz.

God forbid Nelson would play Randolph over Kurz.

But this Randolph issue has trouble written all over it.

For one, Randolph may well be seeking a trade that would provide him with plenty of playing time, experience, and development, aspects Randolph has struggled to achieve since landing in the Bay Area under Nelson.

He may also be attempting to provide Nelson and the front office with some strong messages: "If I do not get my playing time, you'll regret that you drafted me."

The only two people that might keep him with the Warriors are Assistant Keith Smart and Vice President of Basketball Operations Chris Mullin.

During games, Randolph never goes to Nelson to talk things over. He always heads to Smart for advice on how to execute a certain play or defend an opposing player.

When the Warriors faced off against the Dallas Mavericks on Jan. 28 (a nationally televised humiliation), ESPN ran an interview segment with guard Monta Ellis about Mullin. Ellis praised Mullin for keeping his career alive with the Warriors.

This may also be true with Randolph. However, Robert Rowell and Chris Cohan's plans to isolate Mullin for the remainder of the season, might make Randolph's (or Ellis' for that matter) Warriors career short-timed.