Simply The Greatest Day in Sports: The Super Bowl

Brian WagnerCorrespondent IFebruary 1, 2009

There's the first day of March Madness. There's the NCAA BCS Championship Game. There's Game 7 of the NBA Finals or the World Series.

But nothing compares to what's in store for today.

When you wake up today, regardless if you're team is there or not, you are pumped. Today is the greatest single day in sports.

The Super Bowl has become much more than a game between the two best teams in the NFL. It's become a party, a business machine for marketing organizations, and the second biggest food consumption day in the year, behind only Thanksgiving. 

When you wake up today, you have your party to go to. You have your pick. You have your food. It's your typical all-American party.

The Super Bowl is one of the only sports events in the world that brings all people together. Non-sports fans watch it because it's the Super Bowl. It has turned into something you can't miss.

On a business side, organizations—new and old ones— forked over $3 million for a 30 second slot in today's commercials. While that is a hefty amount of money, they're getting their viewers. About half the people (likely the "non-sports fans") now watch the game, mostly for the commercials. 

For the sports fan, watching the pre-game, game, and post-game is electrifying. It's the championship game of the most lucrative sport in the world. We love it. We enjoy the atmosphere of the game— the fireworks from the national anthem, the flash bulbs at the kickoff, and watching the players' reactions. We look for and await each year's surprising player who has that impact on the game. (See David Tyree from last year). There's nothing that compares to this one day.

On the social side, the Super Bowl brings the party to you, or you to the party. The modern day Super Bowl has become one of the biggest celebrations of the year; some have said bigger than the 4th of July. All the friends come together, along with family, while everyone eats just plain junk food. Aside from the eating and socializing, everyone takes part in that little thing called gambling. 

While some people go the basic way by betting on the end result, others are a little more specific— like naming the first credit card commercial or the first player to commit a penalty. Either way, each makes the game more fun to watch. 

Waking up today, I was ecstatic. The greatest day in sports is upon us, and we can only await the excitement once the opening kickoff commences. The party is there. The people are there. The food is there. The entertainment is there. This is no doubt the greatest sporting event in the country.

While waking up tomorrow morning will be the opposite, as the worst day in sports, we can't look that far. Today is today. And today is the Super Bowl. 

(If you want a pick from me, I guess I could give it to you. I am rooting for the Cardinals, but believe the Steelers defense will be too much to handle. PIT 24 - ARI 17)