WWE News: Matt Morgan Expected to Leave TNA and Return to WWE Soon?

Drake OzSenior Writer IIMay 14, 2012

Photo courtesy of wrestlingvalley.org
Photo courtesy of wrestlingvalley.org

Being that they are the two biggest wrestling promotions around, the WWE and TNA have seen a boatload of wrestlers come and go through both companies. 

The running joke used to be (and to an extent, still is) that TNA is a place that is full of former WCW and WWE rejects. But especially over the last few years, we’ve seen a reversal of that trend. 

Plenty of guys have actually done the exact opposite and jumped ship from TNA to the WWE in recent years, including Christian, Kevin Nash, Booker T and Mick Foley. 

And guess what? It looks like another former WWE name who is currently a TNA star might be heading back to the WWE. 

From F4Wonline.com (via SEScoops.com)

There is speculation behind the scenes that TNA star Matt Morgan will be leaving the company soon to return to WWE.

Morgan’s TNA contract does not expire until October, but it states that Morgan was obligated to make a certain number of appearances for TNA—which he has already completed. It’s believed that once his contractual obligations were met, he would become a free agent and legally could jump to WWE.

Matt Morgan has stated in various interviews that he loves TNA and does feel some loyalty to them, but WWE has sent out feelers to him and he would have a hard time turning down a chance to return to the ‘big leagues’ if the chance presented itself. 

You may remember that Morgan had a brief stint in WWE from 2003 to 2004 and then again in 2005, during which he was given that ridiculous stuttering gimmick that, naturally, was like WWE career suicide for him. 

Morgan was released in July 2005 in what, in hindsight, might have been one of the company’s dumbest releases ever. 

Though it definitely took some time, Morgan has developed into one of the best big men in the business, and even though he’s been the victim of some bad booking in TNA at times, he has become one of the biggest stars in the company, too. 

If he really is done with all of his TNA dates, the WWE would be wise to give him another look and another chance to make an impact in the company. 

When you look at WWE’s roster as it’s currently constructed, there are relatively few powerhouse big men who have as well-rounded of a skill set as Morgan, and the ones that do (Kane, Undertaker, Mark Henry, etc.) probably don’t have all that much time left in the ring. 

While Morgan isn’t exactly young either (he’s 35), he’s come into his own over the last couple of years and should be able to use the seasoning he’s gotten in TNA to make the jump over to the WWE. 

It remains to be seen exactly what the WWE’s interest level in Morgan is, but he’s got the look that WWE officials drool over. 

With the WWE roster as thin as ever, it can’t hurt to bring back a guy who could be an upper mid-carder or, potentially, a main-eventer.


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