Only Way for the Cavs to Get Any Respect: Win the NBA Title

Bruce BostwickContributor IFebruary 1, 2009

Cleveland has been disrespected all season long.  Forget Paul Pierce talking about the Boston Celtics being disrespected—he is foolish to think his team is the one getting it. 

Anyone who is watching the Cavs in the national media is thinking that it is just LeBron James doing everything and no one else is getting credit.  It intensified even further with Mo Williams not being in the All Star game and has been mentioned by LeBron himself.

Whenever mentioned, it seems that it’s a foregone conclusion to talk about 2010 as if the disrespect isn’t enough. 

The Cavs have one of the best teams going this season and has a chance to win the championship much to the dismay of those in the sports world that wouldn't want to see it happen.  That seems to be the focus and it’s just ridiculous.

There is more to this team than one man and it shows.  The addition of Mo Williams has been a huge benefit and he is more than capable of scoring as well. 

It has been a benefit having Z back on the roster and hopefully he can stay healthy the rest of the way.  When Delonte West returns, it should really be a big benefit as then will be at full power.

The only solution that appears to be black and white would be winning the NBA Championship this season. 

How fitting would it be to see Cleveland win the big one so that there would be more questions about this team? 

They are a good team and one of the biggest—if not the biggest—reason for their success has to do with playing as a team.  The chemistry is there and the talent is involved and they don’t have a terrible coach either.

Bottom line—the Cavaliers are playing good basketball but as a team isn’t getting any credit at all. 

Watch this team and it will show that there is more than LeBron James as the reason for the success this season.