WWE: Less of 'The Miz' Will Benefit His Career

Travis SmithAnalyst IIMay 14, 2012

There are times in a WWE superstar's career where they have to have to leave the company from a weekly position to gain back their focus and re-debut.

Now while there are several superstars who have used this move to their advantage, (i.e. Chris Jericho, Lord Tensai, and Kane) this move can also be a career killer. Fans can quickly forget without an appearance each week.

There are superstars that could use a break right now due to the long schedule. I feel that there is one superstar in particular who not only will get time off, but needs it in order to jump start his career again and that is Mike 'The Miz' Mizanin.

Now over the past few months, The Miz has caught a lot of heat not only from the fans, but from the WWE creative team for not producing inside of the ring. WWE officials put the blame of low pay-per-view sales of Survivor Series on The Miz and since then have punished this him by not pushing him at all.

When a superstar with the caliber of The Miz loses to a guy like Brodus Clay, you know it is time for that superstar to take a break from the company.

The Miz won the leading role in the upcoming project, The Marine 3. Now while some fans may not see this as much, I see this as a chance for Mike Mizanin to redefine himself as a superstar and as a performer in front of the cameras. A blockbuster movie role for this The Miz could get him more fan fare and could lead him to a big push when he returns to the company.

If The Miz is a superstar that the WWE really feels like could be the future of the company then maybe a change in character is in order.  He could use The Rock as inspiration and remodel his character as more dynamic and aggressive; The Miz could start a feud with a top competitor.

Another idea to redesign his image is a bit riskier but could have a massive payoff if done correctly, would be to have The Miz sport a baby face. That idea is a bit challenging to imagine as he has never been depicted as a baby face, but it could work because I believe he has the "it" factor to go over with the younger fans of the WWE.

The Miz has done it all. He has been WWE champion, two-time United States champion, five-time Tag Team champion, 2010 Mr. Money In The Bank, and 2011 Pro Wrestling Illustrated number one performer in all of pro wrestling.

So with all of those accomplishments to his name already, it is crazy to think that the WWE would want to bury the accomplished wrestler, The Miz.


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