Save the New York Islanders!

Mets PoliceSenior Analyst IFebruary 1, 2009

I'm worried about the Islanders.

Even if you're the most die-hard Rangers fan, you don't want the Islanders to go away. The Rangers without the Islanders is like the Roadrunner without the Coyote.   You need an enemy.

I worry about the Islanders heading to Kansas City, and Larry Brooks didn't make me feel any better today in the Post, although Newsday reports the lease forbids the Islanders from playing home games anywhere else for six more years.

I ask Islander fans, what would make you feel better about the franchise?   No you can't have a magic wand and suddenly have an All-Star at every position and a new building.   Take baby steps.  Would it take one Sydney Crosby?   The original uniforms?   One good playoff run?  

I was wondering why people don't go, so I went to the website to see how much tickets cost.   They don't make it easy.   When I clicked "tickets" in a Google search I was taken to a landing page trying to sell me season tickets.  I don't want season tickets, i just want to go once.

So, maybe that's Google's fault.   I tried the plain old which is really pushing Tuesday's game against Tampa.  PURCHASE TICKETS NOW it says, so I clicked it and wound up trapped on a Ticketmaster page that is specific to the Tuesday game.

Sigh.  OK maybe I'm an idiot.  Maybe.  I think I'm pretty computer savvy, and I'm at least an "average fan."  Why is it so hard to find tickets for a Saturday night?

Back to the main page, and I click the smaller text "" box.

I click tickets, then individual tickets where my choices are "Loudville" and "Ticket Exchange."

Um....Loudville I guess?  I click it.

I'm greeted by a picture of some college students and an offer for a free burrito.   No, I just wanted two seats for me and the kid.

One more try.  I try schedule.

Saturday February 21st, Devils at Isles.  Perfect!  I click "tickets" which takes me back to Ticketmaster, and a February calendar instead of a direct click.  Sigh.  I just want to give the Islanders money but they won't let me.

I ask for two $19 tickets, the cheapest option.  I'm cheap.  The Coliseum is quite small and there really aren't any awful seats.

No $19's.  I cave in and ask for $30.  They exist.  With a $5.75 fee attached to both.   Now it's $72 bucks to go to Nassau for one night with my son.  $7 to park (I'm pleasantly surprised it's that low in the 21st century).

$80 and we haven't bought a soda yet.

No thanks.

When you're not drawing and your fanbase is whittling away it's time to cut ticket prices. Get the kids addicted to hockey before the sport dies.  You know how many hockey games Mets Police Jr has been to? Zero.   For $80 it's going to stay that way.

(yes I know I picked the fisherman logo.)


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