The Michael Vick Experiement

Preston ParkerCorrespondent IFebruary 1, 2009

AUTHORS NOTE: I do not mean to support anything Michael Vick did off the field. I do not agree with any of his decisions and he deserved every bit of punishment he received. This article is to focus on Michael Vick’s on-the-field play, not his off-the-field antics.


No, that’s not the newest band to hit the radio stations, that’s what will take place with whoever takes the risk on signing Michael Vick.

My inspiration for writing this article was the rumor around the league that, due to numerous connections to Vick inside the franchise, Michael Vick could be headed to the San Francisco 49ers.

Personally, I doubt Mike Singletary is going to take the risk on such a player. But what other teams could take a risk on Michael Vick?


Miami Dolphins

The 2008 NFL Season can be described by many terms. Injuries to big players and turnarounds are definitely worthy descriptors. I would describe it with the terms “Trick plays”.

Whether it was the uprising of the Wildcat, the Cardinals flea-flickers on their way to the Super Bowl or many others, the NFL gave us reason to hold our breath on every play.

The Dolphins were at the forefront of the Wildcat renaissance. While using it for the first time in Week Three, the Dolphins ran over the New England Patriots 38-13, one season after the Dolphins went 1-15 and the Patriots went 16-0 in the regular season.

With a player that is a threat to run and pass like Michael Vick can, you have a multitude of different options to run the Wildcat.


Detroit Lions

You go 0-16. You have a historically bad franchise. You need a franchise quarterback. You need to sell tickets. Adding Vick to the Detroit Lions would give fans a reason to come; Watch the exciting exploits of Michael Vick! He gives them some offensive stability; Calvin Johnson, Kevin Smith and Vick.


Oakland Raiders

Al Davis has been quoted as saying “I draft on 40 times”. Well, not really, but it’s becoming quite the well known fact that Davis doesn’t care if said player makes the team better or not, as long as they’re fast he likes them.

JaMarcus Russel is progressing swiftly towards bust status. He’s not as bad as Ryan Leaf, but he is extremely inconsistent. If he does end up getting cut, Vick would likely come to the Raiders. I mean, really, who else would love to see The Cable Guy, Undead Al, and Starscream, all on one dysfunctional team!