Why Arsenal Should Wave Emmanuel Ade-Byebye

Shyam ParthasarathiSenior Writer IFebruary 1, 2009

In a month which has seen Arsenal going on a 12 game unbeaten streak in all competitions, one thing is slowly becoming evident.

AC Milan will be very happy that they didn't waste £30 million on a bloke called Emmanuel Adebayor.

The 12 game unbeaten streak also shows how statistics can be misleading, with Arsenal having drawn half of the above-mentioned games and having won the remaining in a very unconvincing manner.

Many of us would have pointed out the obvious flaw in Arsenal's team, especially after the untimely injury to midfield general Cesc Fabregas, as the midfield. It's the attack, though, that has flattered to deceive on many occasions.

The only player performing to the best of his abilities is Robin van Persie, but even his performances are not match-winning ones all the time.

After the injury to Cesc Fabregas, Arsene Wenger started to focus on the back four and midfield to improve the stability in the two areas where Arsenal had been caught out so often throughout this season.

To a large extent, he has solved the problems of inconsistency in terms of defense. 

Many could argue that Arsenal could have been at the wrong end of the scoreline against Cardiff and Aston Villa during this unbeaten run, but even the most critical Arsenal fan can see the improvement in defending since the embarrassing draw against Tottenham and even more ignominious defeats to Stoke City and Manchester City.

This team has improved, but at a snail's pace.

That said, the player who has constantly put in performances which are below-par to say the least, is Adebayor. He has shown nothing by way of commitment or goal scoring ability over the season and at times it does really look as if this team is carrying Emmanuel Adebayor.

One couldn't help but feel sorry for Nicklas Bendtner yesterday, as the Dane was stuck out at right-midfield of all the places after Emmanuel Eboue's substitution. Bendtner has also improved quite a bit since his drop in form but sticking him out at right-midfield is just madness.

One cannot help what would have happened had the Dane been at the end of Samir Nasri's cross, which Adebayor headed straight into Robert Green's hands.

Another irritating fact about the gangly striker's game is that he drifts to either wing and/or drops in deep when he doesn't seem to be getting the ball. Over time, he seems to be getting frustrated and exchanges passes with either Clichy or Sagna on the wings and when either of the fullbacks look into the box to put a cross in, there is absolutely nobody.

Isn't he the striker? Isn't he supposed to be scoring the goals?

He hasn't got the best technical ability but the least he can do is look interested. After 30 minutes into yesterday's game, I didn't even see Adebayor doing enough to show that he is involved. He was just falling down under challenges, sulking, and waving his arms about on the pitch—which is simply unacceptable when you're a professional footballer.

When you see Adebayor's statistics this season of eight goals and four assists in 21 games in the Premier League, you'd think that it's average at best. When you take into account that this includes a hat-trick against Blackburn Rovers which was scored back in September, you wonder what on earth he's doing in the Arsenal team.

The attack hasn't got enough support from the midfield because the midfield itself is trying to make up for the defensive frailties of this team. But the fact that van Persie has been able to do so much and Adebayor so less just goes to show one thing:

The Togolese striker is happy earning £80,000 pounds a week and doesn't care about giving it his all. 

He might have forgotten the fact that when he was holding out for that amount in the summer, he compared himself to "elder brother," Thierry Henry.

Even Henry, with all his problems last season with Barcelona, was able to be their top-scorer. 

Adebayor should be comparing himself with an average striker rather than someone of the stature of Henry - to see, or hear of such a comparison is nothing more than an insult to the Arsenal legend.

One can't help but feel that Eduardo's recovery will help Adebayor recover his form this season. The Crozilian's injury has deprived Arsenal of a true goal poacher and it was no coincidence that "Dudu" and "Manu" shared a great strike partnership.

For now though, Carlos Vela or Nicklas Bendtner seem more viable options for Arsene Wenger as Adebayor just doesn't seem to be bothered about playing for Arsenal anymore.

All Adebayor does is come out to the press and say that Arsenal are in the title race time and again, even though they're now 10 points behind Manchester United and fighting for fourth place.

Maybe he should just let his actions on the pitch speak louder than words—because if he doesn't, he should be promptly dropped as he simply hasn't been good enough for Arsenal this season in any way or form.