What the WWE Must Do over the Next Six Months

James YaegerContributor IFebruary 1, 2009

The WWE has definetly toned down it's image in the past few months.  And it could be because of multiple reasons.  But whether it be because of trouble with congress, the murders commited by He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, or what I like to call the "PG Era", here is a list to get the product to a respectable level.


1. Improve ECW

ECW needs to be made into a legitimate brand for WWE to be successful.  To do that, one thing they need to do is keep the ECW Champions on ECW.  Look at it, almost all of the ECW Champs are gone.  John Morrison, CM Punk, Kane, Matt Hardy, Big Show, Chavo Guerrero, throw Kofi Kingston in there as a future Champion, and there you go, they're all gone. 

And where are they?  Morrison and Punk are the only ones having mainstream success.  Kane's been pushed down to the midcard since turning heel.  Kofi Kingston hasn't been doing much since losing the tag belt.  Big Show has yet to be in a PPV Main Event (Not counting No Way Out, or the 3-Way ECW Title Match) and Chavo Guerrero is basically a jobber and Edge's whipping boy.  And I'm willing to bet that Swagger and Evan Bourne's names will be thrown around during draft time.

The next thing they need to do is get some good veterans on the show, because Finlay and Henry alone aren't doing it.  Get some people like Kane, Helms, MVP, and Khali.  Then get some versatile people like Jimmy Wang Yang, who could probably put on some good matches with Evan Bourne.  That's how to improve ECW.


2. Take the Title Off of Cena 

The biggest name of the PG Era.  While Cena is a good wrestler and decent talker, he either needs to turn heel, or get a new gimmick.  In the meantime though, take the title off of him.  I don't know if they realize it but not many fans over 12 years old want a (Face) Cena to hold the title.  They've got Randy Orton right there to utilize as a great Main Eventer.  They need to use it before they overdo it.  Which, might I add they may have already did, with the lawyers, disease, and suing.  All in all, turn Cena, or take the title.


3. Get Undertaker in a Main Event Feud

Right Now, 'Taker is just sort of sitting around on SmackDown.  They need to get him a good feud going in to WrestleMania and beyond.  Undertaker is a great Main Eventer and they are just sort of letting him sit in oblivion.  He may not be what he used to be, but he can still wow you.  Kind of like Brett Favre...last year.

Anyway, there is a plethra of potential feuds on the SmackDown roster.  Whether it's Umaga, Triple H, Benjamin, or on the RAW roster, Michaels.  There has got to be something he can do.  And after WrestleMania, you would assume that Matt Hardy would open up for him, unless he turns face right away again.  Just get 'Taker doing something while he's still there.


4. Build up a Better Main Event

The WWE is really at a loss for Main Eventers on both shows.  On SmackDown, you've got Matt & Jeff, Triple H, Undertaker, and Edge.  And on RAW you've got Cena, JBL, Orton, Jericho, and Michaels.  And who knows if Undertaker and Michaels will be there after WrestleMania 26.  MVP, Mr. Kennedy, Kane, DiBiase, Rhodes, Kingston, and Benjamin are all performers just waiting to move up on the card.

And then you need to take JBL off the main event status.  I don't know why WWE doesn't realize that he doesn't have that much heat, but it's hard not to.  I read somewhere that right around a dozen people have been to his last couple signings for OVW.  And it seems like he's been working stiffer every time I see him.  Bottom line: He's over-rated.


5. Bring Back Old Stars       

Finally, keep the old stars coming in.  You've got Stratus and RVD there willing to do one-time gigs.  Get Ric Flair to come back as a manager maybe.  The options are almost endless.  It's these kind of things that get fans rild up.  

When Jericho was coming back, fans were practically polluting the wrestling news sites with it.  Not that unlike from what's going on now with Christian.  If you could do that with people like RVD, Flair, and Stratus, you could really get some butts in the seats.

Then think about it.  If half the people who show up just to watch the returns like what they see elsewhere on the show, that's that many more new fans.  This would be a great, quick, albeit cheap, way to get people back into the product.

Then you need to patch things up with Mick Foley.  Sure, he's under contract with TNA, but if you could start contacting him, get WWE on his mind for when his contract runs out, you might have a legitimate shot. 

From the way it sounds, Vince ticked Foley off, so he left, which is not unlike what has happened before (going by his biographies), yet he always seems to come back.  Foley was perhaps the most underrated worker in the WWE in his last year.  And he could still do some great talking.  Look at his last appearance, and the interview with Edge.  He could be a potential top babyface if he was a regular, and a good surprise if he's not.


And so concludes my first article here at Bleacher Report.  I hoped you enjoyed it, and I'd like some good feedback from the regulars here.