Stats Don't Necessarily Make Kobe, LeBron, Wade, Paul, or Howard an MVP

Wesley MairContributor IFebruary 1, 2009

A lot of NBA fans these days talk about stats way too darn much. Stats...stats...stats...stats...stats...stats.That's all I hear day in and day out, it's like, give it a rest all ready.

All these LeBron James fans, I hear them say it all the time...LeBron James is the MVP right now because he averages 27 points, 7 assists, 7 rebounds, 2 steals, and a block per game, so there.

In my head, I'm saying LeBron fans, will you shut up already. I could care less what he averages. What he is averaging is not why he is the MVP this season. It's how great he leads his team, how he makes his teammates better, how consistent is LeBron and his team, and what does LeBron James do that separates him from everybody else.

If LeBron James is averaging what he is averaging right now and his team was dead last in the east, do you think LeBron will be mentioned for an MVP no because stats are just numbers and numbers are just stats.

If stats were key then Dwyane Wade should be the MVP right now he's leading the league in points per game at 28. he's averaging about seven assist per game, five rebounds, two steals, and a block per game. He's doing just as good as LeBron statistically. How come he and LeBron are not head-to-head on the MVP ballot?

Because it's not about STATS.

How about my boy Chris Paul he's averaging a double double at 21 points and 11 assists. He also has the most triple doubles this season. Shouldn't he be neck and neck with LeBron or above? Heck no because its not about STATS. Well they are averaging better numbers than Kobe Bryant, shouldn't they both be above Kobe Bryant in the MVP ballot? Heck no, because it's not about STATS.

Look at both Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade's respective teams. they're level of play doesn't come close to what the Cavs and Lakers are playing right now, if they were then D wade and CP3 would be ahead of LeBron in the rankings for MVP.

To prove my point last year, LeBron James had better stats than Kobe Bryant, for all those who agree say "YES". Okay good, now Kobe wasn't that far behind in stats, but his team was far above the Cavaliers, all who agree say "YES".

Good, now, if LeBron's team was doing as good as the Lakers were, LeBron might have been MVP can y'all agree??...YES.

Now, I might be talking a little crazy right about now, so I might as well keep going with it, y'all can hate me for it, dislike me for it or whatever; I don't care. I'm going to say whats on my mind. Whats on my mind is this...

I say that Dwight Howard should be the MVP right now. Yeah, that's right, I said it. Dwight Howard is my MVP right now SUPERMAN. Not only did he beat the Lakers the top team in the west and had a great night doing it, he beat the Cavaliers at the time the top team in the east.

So that goes to show you Howard's team is just as good as the Lakers and the Cavaliers.

If you want to talk about stats once again Howard is averaging a double double something LeBron and Kobe isnt doing, with 20 points and 13 boards. He's also averaging three-plus blocks a game. Not only was he voted to the All-Star game along with LeBron and Kobe but he had more votes than both of them.

Hey, it's not about stats though, and I guess Dwight Howard isn't the MVP right now. Well I'm not surprised Kobe and LeBron is ahead of Dwight Howard, the Lakers are the hottest team in January and the Cavs have never lost at home.

So Y'all, if it's not about stats, who is the MVP? Lebron, Kobe, Howard, Paul, or Wade?