Don Frye Has Harsh Words for Chael Sonnen, Dan Henderson and Dominick Cruz

Jordy McElroy@ IMay 13, 2012

Don Frye - Scott Petersen/MMAWeekly
Don Frye - Scott Petersen/MMAWeekly

Don Frye is becoming a PEZ dispenser of spewed punch lines and trash talk.

Is it a desperate attempt to bask in some of the mainstream spotlight, or has the gargantuan mustache finally gone to Frye's head?

It could be both.

Frye has never been one to back down from confrontation, whether physical or simply a war of words.

UFC president Dana White found himself on Frye's radar in an interview with, where he was accused of underpaying fighters and owning "30 Ferraris."

In his latest verbal tirade, Frye moves from UFC president to UFC fighters. caught up with the MMA legend to get his take on Dan Henderson vs. Jon Jones, Chael Sonnen and Ronda Rousey.

[Dan Henderson] doesn't have a [expletive] chance. [Don Frye stands a chance] if he got off his lazy ass. I said this about a year ago about the same question. [Jones] is going to run the gamut in the light heavyweight division until he goes to the heavyweight division.

Henderson's close friend and top middleweight contender Sonnen would likely disagree.

Like Frye, Sonnen never shies away from an opportunity to grab the mic and drop a plethora of clever one-liners. As if it were some twisted rendition of MTV's Yo Momma, Sonnen has been deemed by many as the best trash talker in MMA, but Frye respectfully disagrees.

He's an extremely competent fighter. I like Chael. He's extremely competent because he's been beaten by the same hold four times, haha. You know? Chael Sonnen is fun to listen to, but he doesn't write his own material. Some [expletive] in Queens living in his mother's basement in his underwear is writing Chael's material for him. Chael is a good guy, he just isn't smart enough to do it himself. That's why he's a felon, he wasn't smart enough to not get caught. Hoho!

Given an opportunity to sit down with Frye, a good journalist savors every chance to pick his brain on any random, interesting topics pertaining to the sport. Frye is a very candid person, which typically leads to unpredictable interviews.

One subject can quickly turn into a another, which was the case when MiddleEasy asked for his opinion of Strikeforce women's bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey.

Yeah! Ronda Rousey, dang phenomenal and my old sensei helped train her when she was a little girl, but you won't hear that. That's the thing about this game, how quickly we forget. Who's that [expletive], what's his name? Dominick Cruz. The guy is full of [expletive] and is a lying turd.

He says he learned how to fight in his garage? [Expletive]. My guy Rocko taught him and then he went off by himself. That guy is a lying scumbag. Rocko trained for a couple of years with this [expletive], and he says something like that? I have no use for him, but I'm a fan of Urijah Faber, so I hope Urijah kills him the next time they fight.

People may not agree with some of the things Frye says, but that isn't going to stop him from saying them.

Does his statements make sense, or should we all accept White's description of the 46-year-old legend as the universal truth of the matter?

Frye is just "one of those fighters who is bitter he didn't make the money current fighters make."


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