LeSean vs. Osi: Who Is Winning the Battle?

Ezra Skobeloff@zscoby43Correspondent IMay 13, 2012

LeSean McCoy against New York on Week 11 last season
LeSean McCoy against New York on Week 11 last seasonAl Bello/Getty Images

What mother wouldn't appreciate a Twitter shout out on the second Sunday in May? My mom appreciated my phone call, but what would she think if she knew I could have announced my love and appreciation to the world?

This brings me to subject matter No. 1: Osi Umenyiora. What does Momma Umenyiora think of her son wishing someone else Happy Mother's Day for the cyber world to see? Well, I have no idea. But if she does have Twitter and did see her son's gesture, I would hope she would be ashamed.

The New York Football Giant wrote: "Happy Mothers Day Lesean Mccoy! Enjoy your special day!!"

Really, Osi, a female joke? You might as well have called McCoy a Silly Nanny. I play sports, too. You're not the first athlete to make a sexist comment. But you look like a "damn fool."

When I was in middle school, my comeback probably would have been: "that's real original..." In case you don't get it, Osi, it's funny because it's not original.

What would be equally funny in comparison to your sequence of sexist jokes toward McCoy would be to make fun of you because you aren't from America. Am I right? Lots of laughter on that one?

Honestly, I don't really care too much about what people post on Twitter. But it still amazes me that some people like to actually advertise their stupidity and ignorance.

As for the battle on the field, as Umenyiora said via ESPN, "you can sit over there and be a Twitter gangster all you want to but on the football field is where you are supposed to address these types of things."

Let me crunch the numbers real quick.

In the first game between the Giants and Eagles last season, Umenyiora did not play because he was recovering from arthroscopic surgery on his right knee. McCoy rushed for 128 yards on 24 carries and also ran for a touchdown (which he led the NFL in with 17).

In the final meeting between New York and Philadelphia, Umenyiora did play. He had an underwhelming three tackles, no sacks. Meanwhile, McCoy was at it again, rushing for 113 yards on 23 carries.

I could go into the season achievements, like McCoy's First Team All-Pro and Pro Bowl selections, but I'll stop right there. Let's just say I already have September 30 marked on my calendar, and I'm sure these two do as well.

For now, McCoy 1, Umenyiora 0. Who's ready for Round 2?