WWE News: Update on the New Releases from WWE Home Video Coming This Summer

Chris Humphrey@@_CBH_Correspondent IMay 14, 2012

Since its inception as a division of the WWE in 1997, WWE Home Video has produced some great releases in the past decade and a half with superstar documentaries, collections of specific matches and pay-per-view events.

The WWE will continue that previously mentioned success with a great and very diverse slate of releases planned including classic footage from former promotions WCW and ECW this summer.

Here’s the complete list of releases from the WWE from their new Clash of the Champions this month to their countdown of the Top 50 finishing moves in the history of the WWE.

In a very funny comment on the page of the source for this article, a fan commented the WWE should produce a collection dedicated to the frequently abused Spanish Announce Table that has seen countless superstars be sent through the table over the years.

As we move back to the actual list of releases from WWE Home Video, the Best of the Clash of the Champions will definitely be on my wish list in the coming months as the collection will include classic bouts with legends like Sting, Ric Flair, Ricky Steamboat and Eddie Guerrero among others.

In addition to the best of the Clash of the Champions, the newest collection of the best matches in the history of ECW will be another must-see release with stars that made in the now-defunct company popular like Rob Van Dam, Sabu, the Sandman, Tommy Dreamer and Taz.

Following his 20th straight win at WrestleMania against Triple H inside Hell in a Cell, the upcoming release looking back at those aforementioned 20 wins will be awesome as we’ll have all of the legendary matches from the Phenom on the grandest stage of them all.

With a great list of new releases coming this summer, which collection are you looking forward to the most this year from the assortment of latest selections from WWE Home Video?

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