Super Bowl: I'm a Female Fan and My Hubby Hates Football...What Should I Do?

Deb LagardeCorrespondent IFebruary 1, 2009

Tomorrow...fuggedaboutit! Today! Is the Super Bowl! No Super Bowl Party! Nothing! Nada! Zilch!

No weenies. No chips. No salsa. No 60, people...yelling and screaming at the 200 inch flat screen hi-def TV screen when the Cardinals finally score when Fitzgerald does a number on Palomalu...did I spell that name right? Or that other guy...hey I'm a dumb female so what do I know except...oh, yeah, we don't have a 200 inch flat screen hi def TV screen! And no 60 fans, either. Heck where we live your lucky to get 60 people to agree on anything!

No party, and I'll be lucky to watch the game period. When my husband comes home from work—he's a medic with a local EMS service—he wants to eat and watch what he wants to watch and honey the Super bowl ain't it unless it is a VERY GOOD EXCITING, back and forth type game.

That may not happen. Steelers are all defense. That means low scoring. I don't hate the Steelers the way I used to, but darn it, could they PLEASE find it in their hearts to build an exciting offense? Big Ben laying on his back just ain't exciting.

Good grief if Hines Ward is hurt, Ben (how do you spell his last name?) may not throw a long fun pass period. And with the Steeler defense as good as it is will Warner get a few off to Fitzgerald, such a wonderful and fun receiver to my husband will find this game exciting enough to watch?

Together we have watched exactly one game: that nail-biting 1981 Division Playoff game between San Diego and Miami, won by Dan Fouts' throwing and Rolf Bernichke's last minute field goal in OT, but not before Don Strock took over for the inept David Woodley before the half down a whole bunch of points to get to within a TD at halftime.

So, do I beg to watch the game or whine about it? We have one TV, so that sorta limits my options. Or, do I pray for a blowout so that I can feel I didn't miss anything?