WWE's Biggest Loser and Winner: Santino Marella

AkDSenior Writer IFebruary 1, 2009

Ever so often does a one of kind superstar grace the WWE, and I'm not referring to RVD. I'm talking about Santino Marella. 

Before my head gets bit off and my body gets blown away, let me elaborate further on this. On April 16th, 2007 Raw was in Milan, Italy. Umaga was unstoppable and not even John Cena could stop him...yet. An open challenge was issued and Santino was chosen from the crowd to face Umaga or in the words Armando Estrada, "Theeeee Samoannnnn Bulldozer"!

The IC title was up for grabs in an No Holds Barred match. Santino was on his way to getting spiked and a pre-MMA Bobby Lashley came down to the ring and left Umaga on his back. This in turn resulted in Santino Marella, the hometown hero, being crowned the new IC champion.

Santino at first looked like your regular face in the crowd as he fended off challengers from claiming the IC title (Mainly Chris Masters). The celebration would come to an end when the Italian native couldn't escape the inevitable rematch with Umaga at Vengeance: Night of Champions.

Umaga dismantled Marella and even pummelled him some more after the match was over. This was the turning point in his career. Santino returned...as a heel. He claimed to be Maria's boyfriend and tried to keep her at bay at any means necessary. Unfortunately, he would fail to do so at Wrestlemania 24 when Snoop Dog clotheslined Santino after the Diva lumberjack match. Santino would have a short tenure with Carlito as they tagged and chased the tag team gold challenging a up and coming pre-Legacy Priceless (Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiease Jr.). They would fail again.

When it looked like Santino's golden days were over, he took another turn. Desperate to return to the glory he had when he was IC Champ he issued an open challenge on Raw. To our surprise he faced D lo Brown and was defeated in no time. Santino was persistent and issued another challenge the next night on Raw. This time he got the glamazon, Beth Phoenix. He lost the match and Marella without a word knew he was the biggest loser in WWE.

In the following weeks, his career skyrocketed due to him already being at rock bottom...and there was no where else left for him to go but up. Santino and Beth had shared a kiss in the middle of the two fighting each other. Ladies and gents, this was the birth of Glamarella. Santino's relationship with Beth was awkward yet great. WWE hit a hit the nail on the head here. Beth was way more powerful and definitely wore the "pants" in the relationship. Santino? He was just himself. The power couple dominated the intergender team scene and eventually won an intergender tag team match against Kofi Kingston and Mickie James for the IC and Women's titles at Summerslam.

It looked like Santino was out of the dark age and had went from WWE's biggest loser, to WWE's funniest superstar. He became more cocky than ever and even brought out a "Honky meter" to indicate when exactly he will pass the longest reigning IC champion ever, Honky Tonk Man to claim the all time spot. He would eventually lose the IC title to William Regal and was no where near the 64 week reign.

Santino began to get even more hilarious as he spoke more and more often. He ridiculed the fans, America, and the locker room. His accent was the only thing as funny as the way he looked. He mispronounced names like Goldust and said "Goldendust". He stopped shaving and his beard grew in. His uni brow became thicker.

It's difficult to dislike Santino. He's the funniest superstar in WWE right now. His gimmick provides him with excellent mic skills. When he wins...he's cheered, when he losses...he's cheered, when he speaks...he cheered. He broke the Royal Rumble record of shortest time in the ring that was two seconds to one second.

Kane clotheslined Santino the instant he came in the ring, and everyone couldn't help but laugh. He brought in Rosa Mendes as intern for Glamarella and acted like a child who found a puppy asking Beth "Please can we keep her? Pretty please?" No matter what he does I just can't resist laughing, booing, or cheering.

Santino is WWE's biggest loser but at the same time he's one WWE most hilarious and loved superstars. If Raw is going bad and the matches suck, I can always count on Santino to make my watching worth while. Doesn't he just make the funniest facial expressions? Remember when he tried to do Melina's split? Oh Santino we love you no matter how much you embarrass yourself or lose.