The 30 Most Well-Groomed Athletes in Sports

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The 30 Most Well-Groomed Athletes in Sports

Sports figures are often portrayed as gritty, tough professionals with eye black on and blood on their face. But off the court, field or diamond, they are people, just like you and me. The difference is, however, they need to protect their image and fortunately for them, often have the money to dress like a king or queen.

They say "clothes make the man," but what about the woman? Grooming was long considered a woman's domain, but not any longer. There was a time when being obsessed with your looks would've been considered effeminate, but in today's world where first impressions are everything, it's all about the presentation. 

Often, an athlete's image depends on how they represent themselves when they are away from their sport. And that image goes a long way toward making them even more money in endorsements.

So it makes sense (especially dollars and cents) for athletes to look good. In fact, there are teams that require it. For example, players often wear sports coats or suits when travelling. The New York Yankees, as way of another example, have a long-standing policy against facial hair of any kind.

This brings us to a question—does "well groomed" mean no beards? I don't think so. As you will see in this article, a beard can sometimes be an athlete's calling card. And, as George Carlin once told us, "Here's my beard. Ain't it weird? Don't be scared, it's just a beard."

So come along with me as I take a journey through the list of the 30 most well groomed athletes in sports today. But no jacket is required for viewing.


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