WWE News: Bringing in Former Star Matt Morgan Would Be Epic Botch

Donald Wood@@Donald_WoodFeatured ColumnistMay 12, 2012

With Bully Ray smashing former WWE star “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan over the head with a chair, the injury angle on TNA likely means the end of the road for the star on Impact Wrestling.

Morgan confirmed to Pro Wrestling Torch that he would be interested in a return to the WWE after his deal with TNA runs out, but now the return appears very likely. While it’s hard to tell how much WWE would really be willing to push the star, his ability to work as a face is something the company is lacking right now.

As much as he fits the WWE’s mold of big superstars, he is the same guy that was released in 2005 (via WWE.com). Morgan lacks the charisma and skill set to be a superstar in any company.

WrestleZone and Bleacher Report’s columnist Justin LaBar is reporting about the possible return of the star to the WWE:

WrestleZone has learned, according to several sources, that TNA has run through all of Matt Morgan’s contractual dates with the organization, and therefore creative ran the injury angle on Impact last night to write him off TV. Sources have also confirmed to WZ that WWE has shown a high degree of interest in re-signing Morgan upon the expiration of his contract later this year.

While there is no doubt that Morgan has gotten better on the mic and in the ring, he isn’t close to the level at which a 10-year veteran should be working. With botches on the mic and on the ring a regular occasion, the future in the WWE may be as bleak for The Blueprint as they were last time.

The fans don’t know what to expect from Morgan, I have always compared him to Kane. As good as Kane can be at times, he is still an awkward 7’0” tall freak that can only do certain moves every match. If you have seen one Kane match, you’ve seen every Matt Morgan match.

My biggest problem is that the company has a plethora of young guys in FCW almost ready to come up and a roster full of stars not getting the pushes they deserve. Instead of signing a guy who will be nothing more than Mason Ryan in six months, the WWE must give Dean Ambrose that spot.

Matt Morgan isn’t terrible; he just isn’t good.


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