UEFA Champions League: Who Is Going to Emerge as the Winner?

The One You FearCorrespondent IJanuary 31, 2009

I've been looking on TV for some interesting games, and i found one. It was Liverpool vs. Chelsea. The game does seem very interesting!

You may think that's what I want to see in a UEFA League match, but no it's not.
What I would like to see is a very, very exciting game, and there are two teams could make it happen.

These teams are AC Milan and Manchester United, both sides have very good skills and amazing players.

As you maybe know, Manchester United won the UEFA Champions League last year and are looking to do it again this year, and they might just do that because they are in the number one spot in their group and they look better than ever.

We shouldn't forget that there are some player's that are on the injury list for Manchester United. I'm not going to name the player's, but I'm going to tell you one very important player for Manchester United who is out injured right now. His name is Wayne Rooney and he has a hamstring problem.

He is a big player for United and has an impact on the team, but his injury doesn't stop Manchester United from being good.

Now let's talk about AC Milan. They have been on fire for the last decade!

They have very good player's too like Ronaldinho, Kaka, and David Beckham currently on a loan deal.
These two team's are good, but they can get better—Manchester United when Wayne Rooney returns and AC Milan by the permanent signing of David Beckham.

So as you can see this could be a very interesting game should they be paired up in the Champions League this year.
Should this match take place then I would like Manchester United to win because first, they have my favourite player-Cristiano Ronaldo and second, they are British, like me, so I am keen for a British Club to win the CL.

Who do you think would win if these two team's face off?

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