Wesley MairContributor IJanuary 31, 2009

We all Know that Magic and Jordan are the best players to ever play the game of basketball. Can we all agree on that? You cant go wrong with either of these guys on your team. Then I read an article by Andrew Schiff called "Magic Johnson was the Greatest: Sorry Michael Jordan". In this article he said and I quote, "Jordan's style ruined the game". WHAT?? ruined the game??... ruined the game?? Is this man serious? Jordan opened the game for the players to come. Jordan did things that man never thought possible. Jordan took the game to the next level.

Andrew also said and i quote, "Watching the boring Bulls play and his style of basketball, to me, took away from his supposed greatness". I never knew the the bulls were boring. Especially the 95-96 bulls that own the record for most wins in a season, or the 98-99 bulls that beat the Jazz with a game winner in the NBA Finals. Maybe I wasn't watching the Bulls. I could have sworn MJ wore the number 23 in red, black and white uniforms, with the letters B...U..L..L..S on his uniform. It doesn't matter though. Whoever says that Jordan ruined the game has no clue about what he's talking about. Anyways, it's hard to say who is the better player between Magic and Jordan.  It's even hard to decide who you would rather have on your team.

We all know these guys are basketball masterminds when it comes to the all-around game of basketball.  They make the most difficult things look so easy.  It leaves you even saying to yourself... man that was too easy. Then when you pick up a ball, go outside and try to do the same thing yourself, you can't do it to save your life.

On the offensive side of the ball, we know that both Mike and Magic were good at shooting the ball.   They were so good that they were the ones taking the last shot with one second left on the clock and making that shot. Now I don't want to take one man's side over the other, but i think its safe to say that Jordan had a better shot than Magic. Jordan had no weakness when it came to shooting the ball. Whether it was left handed or right handed, fade aways, leaner's, side to side, and double pump jump shots. Whatever it was, Jordan could do it.

Now when it comes to passing, they were both very good. Jordan used to be selfish, but then he learned how to work with his teammates.  He became a great passer, even leading the entire league in passing for one whole season. Jordan had the no- look passes, behind-the-back passes, and between-the-leg passes. But if I said that Jordan is a better passer than Magic, I would have to wash my mouth out with soap.

Not to take anything about from Jordan, but Magic's vision on the court was unbelievable.  There were times where you don't even know where the ball is, even the camera man has trouble keeping up with Magic's passes. The thing about Magic, he knew how to make his opponents think he was going to pass it to that man, then with the blink of an eye he passes it to the next man. He threw a countless variety of passes, including full-court baseball passes and behind the back alley-oops.

I can also say that Jordan was a better driver to the hole than magic, and thats my opinion. He was quicker and had deadly crossovers that Magic didn't have.  He could definitely dunk better than Magic could, dunking on anyone that came in his way.

Now on the defensive side of the ball they both were pretty good indeed, but I have to say that Jordon was better than Magic. He even averaged more blocks and more steals per game than Magic. Like I always say though... stats don't make a player the greatest. What a person does and how they do it makes them the greatest. So to me, just the way Jordan played defense was amazing. At first he was criticized for having no defense. Then he worked on his game and he had some unbelievable blocks. Just like the blocked shots Kobe and Lebron make now, that's what Jordan did. Jordan wanted to guard the best players on each team.  He even made key steals when needed. I'm not saying Magic didn't do those things, I'm sure he did, I'm just saying Jordan did it more.

Both these men had outstanding leadership. They both led their respective teams to countless championships. They both turned their respective teams into dynasties. Magic dominated the 80's and Jordan dominated the 90's. They both were all-stars. They both were MVP's. They did it all.

The only thing that was different between those two, what makes me think separates the two, were their positions.  Jordan was a shooting guard.  He could have played point guard and maybe small forward. On the other hand Magic could play all five positions.  It didn't matter to him.  If Pat Riley needed him to play a different position he would play that position. His rookie season for the Championship when Kareem was injured, Magic came in and played center for him and dropped about 40 points that night.

Larry Bird said and I quote, "Magic was heads and shoulders above everybody else. I’ve never seen anybody as good as him.”

But that's one man's opinion right? But when Larry Bird says something like that, that's important because its coming from someone who is important in basketball.

But what do you guys think? Is Earvin better than Mike? Or are they equal?