Has The '09 Dunk Contest Failed Us?

Daniel KCorrespondent IFebruary 1, 2009

SUPERMAN IS IN THE BUILDING! Lil' Nate is Back! Rudy Gay is here to Stay! Rudy Fernandez is the Fourth Dunker!

Uhhh...is it me, or has the Dunk Contest of 2009 failed us this time? Okay, okay, so Dwight is back of course, he is probably going to amaze us again. But Nate Robinson, sure he won in 2006, but this is the third time he is here, and I never liked any of his dunks in 2007. Rudy Gay, again. Well I actually thought that Gay had alot of potential to be big, so he is not bad.

But still, Dwight is back for a third time, the first time was okay, the second time was great, but a third, we'll see. Now if you are going to bring back Dwight, Nate, and Gay. Well that's a bit too many people to bring back for a second or third time.

Yes Dwight won so he must be back. But really, did we need to see Gay and Nate again. Plus Rudy, I think he will come in with something nice, but who did you guys vote for to be the fourth dunker? I voted for all of them, but I thought that Joe Alexander should be there, he really promised us a show, and he seemed more into it than Westbrook and Rudy, he looked like he wanted it more, and when the dunker wants to be there more, you usually see them give us a show.

All I'm saying is that I thought we could've seen someone else instead of Rudy Gay and Nate Robinson, even if it's someone we already saw before, here are a few:

Andre Iguodala

Man, oh man, back in 2006, wooow! That was amazing. He was completely robbed of for that dunk contest. His dunk that AI threw off the back board and he caught it and dunked it was insane! I thought that was one of the best dunks I ever saw, and better than anything I've seen in the past few years.

He should have won, Nate only won it cause he was the lil' guy there, and his dunk over Spud Webb, was not really over him, it was not over his head. If you noticed, Nate's feet were near his shoulders or lower, so it's not as big as people made it to be. Iggy really impressed, and although he doesn't have AI there to give him another beautiful pass, he still has the other Andre, Andre Miller, the best ally-oop passer there is, at his side.

Josh Smith

J-Smooth! He is a monster. He won it back in 2005, but in 2006, he wasn't that big, but I think if he was there he would really try, and give us something to woooww! about. He is long, strong, can jump as high as anyone, and most of all he is, smooth.

J.R. Smith

This guy has gotten better and better, in his all around game and dunking. He was there in the '05 contest, but I think he would have more creativity, more power, and can jump higher than he did before. He has some nasty dunks, just go back and see some of his dunks last year, and not only his dunks, but his ally-oop pass from Iverson, that he finished as a 360 layup on a defender.

Julian Wright

Last year, the Hornets were sending in late tapes of Wright dunking. But he was too late to enter the Dunk Contest. But he can really get up! He has had some really nice dunks on people. Just disregard his dunk attempt, that he embarrasses himself when it comes out of his hands.

Rodney Carney

I use to watch this guy in his rookie year. I new right away that he would be something nice. He would dunk on people with no regard for who was in his way, just go look at his dunk on Dwayne Wade's face!

Kenyon Martin

This guy has everything needed. He is as strong as anyone, can jump out the roof, has all the athletic ability. If I had a guess, my guess would be Martin and Howard are the league leaders in dunks per game. All he needs is someone to help him think of a few creative dunks, oh yeah he has J.R.Smith, plus a passer, oh yeah Billups.

There are soooo many other people I would love to see, and too many more to mention, other wise, this would not be an article, it would be a book. But here are some people I would or would've liked to see, Larry Hughes, Kobe Bryant, Vinsanity, T-Mac, Jason Richardson, Steve Francis, Desmond Mason, Fred Jones.

Oh and who I would have wanted to see was Hughes when he was with the Sixers, although he was in the 200 dunk contest I would've wanted to see him again, but not only him. It's another former Sixer, it was Hughes flight brother, a little guy, Allen Iverson.

In 1997, when Kobe Bryant won, he really was not supposed to be there, he took the spot of The Answer, because AI injured his right wrist, but boy oh boy, I would have loved to see AI in the dunk contest, he was a monster!

These were all guys I would have liked to see over Rudy Gay and Nate Robinson, but hey maybe my mind will change. Maybe these two will suprise me, and Rudy the rookie too. We will just have to wait and see, if the 2009 NBA Sprite Slam Dunk Contest is or is not a bust.


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