WWE News: Update on NXT Being Filmed at a Florida University Alongside FCW

Chris HumphreyCorrespondent IMay 11, 2012

With it being pretty much the minor leagues of the WWE, NXT will be getting a new home starting next Thursday, as the program will be recorded on the campus of Full Sail University along with the WWE’s main developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling.

Here are the details from PWInsider.com on the move of NXT from being taped before Raw to being filmed on campus at the Winter Park, Florida university:

The events, which are being branded as WWE Superstar Showdown, are taking place near the company's developmental facility in Tampa, Florida as means to integrate Florida Championship Wrestling talent on NXT more smoothly. Company officials hope the "university feel" will give the show better crowd reactions as well as to upgrade the look of Florida Championship Wrestling programming.

As NXT and Florida Championship Wrestling are set to begin taping at Full Sail University, the WWE made a great move with this, as new talent could work out their move sets and personas in front of a much smaller crowd before getting called up to the main roster.

Before the news of the move, NXT was once originally broadcast on the SyFy Channel before the move of Smackdown to the network pushed the program to its current home on WWE.com each Wednesday afternoon.

Ultimately, the interest in one of the WWE’s minor program will likely grow from its current state, as NXT can have a permanent home and be a much better stepping stone from FCW to being a superstar on Monday and Friday nights.

With the WWE giving the old college try to give NXT a breath of fresh air, do you like the idea of moving NXT to the Florida college campus, or would it have been better to keep it prior to live television events as before?

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