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NC Nighthawk@NC Nighthawk (my Xbox gamertag)Analyst IJanuary 31, 2009

The Arizona Cardinals’ offense should run no-huddle, at least in spurts, if not for the majority of the game.

They won’t be able to run the ball down Pittsburgh’s throats, but they may create one or two mismatches by running a quick no-huddle, in which the Steelers have minimal time to substitute or adjust on defense.

We know that the Cards analyzed a lot of Steelers' game film, including their loss to the Indianapolis Colts. So it wouldn't suprise me if Wisenhunt and Warner utilize the no-huddle at opportune moments of the game, if not more often.

The Steelers’ defense should mostly rush four, but not the same four each play, to confuse the Cards’ blockers.

Ben Roethlisberger should change the count and cadence often, as the Steelers’ offense will take what the Cardinal’s defense gives them.

Will special teams’ play be a decisive factor in Super Bowl XLIII?

Which team will score the final points in the game?

Can the Arizona Cardinals pull off the upset and complete another unlikely Super Bowl title run, as the New York Giants did last season?

Will the Pittsburgh Steelers' top-ranked defense lead them to an unprecedented sixth Super Bowl crown?

I may not be the prognosticator of prognosticators, but picking the Super Bowl winner is almost always complicated enough to realize an upset may happen, as it did last year when the New York Giants smashed the New England Patriots' dream of a most perfect season.

The Cardinals will cover the seven-point spread, but Arizona has not seen the likes of the Pittsburgh defense.

The Cards’ defense? The Cardinals' much-improved defense isn't as overpowering as the Ravens' defense.

Logic tells me that Pittsburgh will win because they have the NFL’s No. 1 defense and because Ben Roethlisberger has the ability to make just enough good plays to help his Steelers win.

However, Arizona has defied logic thus far in the postseason.

Will the Cardinals dedicate this game to the late Pat Tillman?

Will the Steelers make Super Bowl history and win their sixth ring?

Will we finally see our first overtime in a Super Bowl game?

Will Cardinals’ fans claim that the fix is in if the referees’ calls and non-calls favor the Steelers, as the Seattle Seahawks’ fans claimed in their Super Bowl loss to Pittsburgh?

What happens if offensive coordinator Todd Haley pulls Boldin during a key series of the Super Bowl? Will Boldin go all T.O. on the Cardinals' sideline again?

The Steelers don't have these issues. Roethlisberger calls his team "a band of brothers."

Arizona may be the ultimate underdog and the ultimate Cinderella story. But in this Super Bowl, the glass slipper will barely not fit.

Of the 53 players on the Steelers' active roster, 20 played in Super Bowl XL. And if you include players on the team's reserve/injured list, the number grows to 23.

The Cardinals have never been to a Super Bowl. They're usually in hiding this time of the year. Until this season, the franchise had won exactly one playoff game since 1947.

Experience will not win or lose this game. Executing plays well and scoring TDs instead of FGs will.

Warner and his forces will perform well but fall short.

The Steelers’ defense is top-rate, and Roethlisberger will be more relaxed in his second Super Bowl appearance, and therefore will not press as he did against the Seattle Seahawks.

Two weeks’ preparation usually favors the more-talented and better-coached team.

Kurt Warner will get his yards and one or two TD passes, but Arizona will mostly settle for field goals.  Warner will also throw one or two interceptions as he rushes throws to avoid sacks and hits.

The defense of Arizona will return to reality by the fourth quarter as the Pittsburgh ground game wears them down.

Ben Roethlisberger will have one TD pass and will throw for around 200 to 250 yards, to compliment the team’s 150 to 200 rushing yards.

Willie Parker isn't afraid of big moments. Remember his 75-yard TD run in Super Bowl XL?

Parker may have a huge game and be the MVP. Just a hunch.

The Card’s ground game will be grounded and held to less than 100 yards. 

Steelers fans will outnumber Cardinals fans by a lot. The Cardinals are the designated "home" team, but the Steelers will have the closest thing to a home crowd.

I like both teams and each squad has earned my respect.

If they play superbly, this game will probably boost the opportunities of about two to four players to one day end up in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Who picks the Steelers to win? Several folks do.

President Barack Obama picks the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Obama’s victory in the Pennsylvania Democratic Primary, he believes, was given a boost by Steelers owner Dan Rooney, coach Mike Tomlin and a handful of players who campaigned for the Obama ticket.

The president and the vice president, Joe Biden,  are each holding game-watching parties on Sunday, aides said, with the invited guests an assorted of Congressional Democrats and Republicans.

Who picks the Cardinals to win? Probably more people than we think do.

John McCain, of course, is a senior U.S. senator from Arizona and he lost to Obama in the general election. Is Sarah Palin hosting a Super Bowl bash in Alaska?

Okay, enough for the political football. On Monday, Obama and Congress will get to tackle more over the economy.

Who do I pick to win? About 99.99 percent of the universe does not care.  However, as a sports and football fan, I can’t resist.

I like both of these teams so a win by either is great.

Arizona is the NFL story of the 2008 season, win or lose. Seeing an underdog win is always fun, unless it is against your team.

Although I have never had much respect for Cardinals owner Bill Bidwill, this playoff run late in his life will help his legacy.

As a Georgia Bulldogs fan, it would be a thrill to see former Bulldog Hines Ward win his second ring.

The Steelers and the Rooneys run a class organization. I repsect their loyalty to their head coaches, sticking with them thorugh mdediocre seasons and enduring until they produce big wins in the post season and ultimately, of course, in the Super Bowl.

This is why I think that Pittsburgh will win: in the Steelers' 18 games, Dick LeBeau's defense has held opposing quarterbacks to less than 200 passing yards 11 times.

No opposing running back has rushed for 100 yards against the Steelers this season.

Since Bruce Springsteen heads the halftime show, the victorious Steelers will be singing “Dancing in the Dark.”

Which team will win?

Which team would you like to see win?

The Silver Fox Super Bowl Forecast:

Pittsburgh Steelers 27, Arizona Cardinals 23


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