Why the WWE Should Give Dolph Ziggler Kharma as a Bodyguard

Justin LaBarFeatured ColumnistMay 11, 2012

Dolph Ziggler is like a bull pacing in the pen just waiting for the gate to open.


I've heard a lot of people try to compare different stars to Shawn Michaels. I heard it a lot with John Morrison, that he was a young Shawn Michaels. I usually disagree with all the comparisons, but I do feel that Ziggler comparisons to a mid-'90s Shawn Michaels are among the most accurate.

He has personality, he can back it up in the ring and he knows it. So give Ziggler a bodyguard. Give him Kharma.

It's a great heel move to need muscle to follow you everywhere. And it works better when the person being protected doesn't need it.

When The Brian Kendrick had Ezekiel Jackson as a bodyguard, nobody cared. The big, bad bodyguard can only aid their inadequate client so many times before it gets old. When the protected is talented enough as is, but still wants a protector, the formula works better. This worked for Shawn Michaels when he had Diesel and when he had Sid, and it worked for Triple H when he had Chyna. They didn't need a bodyguard, but it made them that much easier to hate and that much more dangerous.

Kharma is in a fascinating situation. She has been under WWE contract for over a year, but we have only seen her a handful of times on WWE television, and she is so over. Kharma versus Beth Phoenix is the biggest money match in the divas division's future. But what do you do after that? How many times can she run over the other divas who clearly aren't a threat to her? Don't try and sell them as such.  

Kharma's time competing against the divas needs to be limited or just a part of her gimmick. She needs to be involved in storylines with the male superstars. Having her walk in the shadows behind the self-proclaimed show-off would fit.

Vickie Guerrero worked to bring more heat on to Ziggler as he was rising up the card. Kharma stands out in her own right and would generate the appropriate level of attraction in walking behind a main event-level Dolph Ziggler.

The money is in Kharma working with the guys, not the divas. Follow the money.