WWE News: Update on the Matches That Will Take Place at WWE No Way Out 2012

Chris Humphrey@@_CBH_Correspondent IMay 11, 2012

After being missing from the WWE’s yearly pay-per-view schedule since 2009, the classic event No Way Out returns on June 17 as a new gimmick pay-per-view for the company that focuses on superstars not being able to escape from their opponent.

Along with the anticipated steel cage matches at the event, what other matches should we expect to see at the newly revamped No Way Out event next month?

From PWInsider.com (Via WrestlingInc.com)

WWE's No Way Out pay-per-view will feature more than just steel cage matches. The idea behind the pay-per-view is to have matches that have no escape or are tough to escape from. Expect to see a Strap Match and a Lumberjack Match. The Strap Match will likely be between Big Show and Cody Rhodes.

While not extremely excited about the idea of lumberjack matches at No Way Out, the return of the strap match does seem interesting, as the gimmick contest is seen very few and far between in the current era of the WWE.

With Big Show and Cody Rhodes taking part in the strap match, the current Intercontinental Champion will once again come out on top even though most fans would probably think Show would easily regain the championship that he lost at Extreme Rules.

As the event focuses on superstars not being able to escape from their opponent, it would be great to see either the Casket or Buried Alive match make its way back to the WWE, but with the PG era, the latter will likely never been seen again in the company.

With the new version of No Way Out focusing on superstars not being able to escape during matches, what past match types in the history of the WWE would you like to see take place at the event this year?

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