NASCAR Schedule: Wouldn't Mind Seeing a Few Changes

Richard DeveauCorrespondent IJanuary 31, 2009

During the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season, I sit on the couch every Sunday, or on occasional Saturday nights, to watch another race.

No matter which track they race at, I enjoy the show that these talented drivers put on for us race fans.

But I still wouldn't mind seeing a few changes to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series schedule. Here is what I think would be the perfect schedule:

Let's start off by adding a new road course, and what other race track than the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Located on Isle Notre-Dame, a man made island in the Saint Lawrence River, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is no doubt a great race track with a lot of corners great for overtaking and always has a very big and enthusiastic french crowd.

It would also be great to have a race in Canada, where there are many NASCAR fans. Don't forget that this is a chance to grab many Canadian sponsors, something NASCAR could no doubt use.

So where would we place this race on the schedule? Well, on Aug. 30, when the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series currently has an off weekend.

The NASCAR Nationwide Series is already scheduled to race on that day, along with the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series. Push these two races on Saturday and have the Sprint Cup race on Sunday for a fun-filled weekend for the Canadian fans.

Since we're adding Montreal to the schedule, seems like we have no choice to get rid of a race, because 36 races is more than enough.

This is where I would like to see Pocono Raceway, in the beautiful Pocono mountains in Pennsylvania, lose one of its two races.

This track is a bit out-dated to what NASCAR is today, and there are many complaints from drivers who think the track is too bumpy and too hard to race on.

I would take away the second race at Pocono, scheduled on Aug, 2, to have a well deserved off weekend for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series drivers.

The remaining race at Pocono, scheduled in June, should be shortened to 400 miles, as the race is way too long.

Another track I would love to see on the schedule is the Kentucky Speedway in Sparta, KY.

So, to put this race on the schedule, let's start off by taking the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA and switching dates with Atlanta Motor Speedway, back to the way it was before.

Auto Club Speedway has had fairly boring races and poor attendance.

So let's remove the race at Auto Club Speedway, which is on labour day weekend. Let's leave it like that for now.

Let's now put a race on July 19, at Kentucky Speedway, joining the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series for a great race weekend.

Now to fill the labour day weekend, let's revive the old NASCAR tradition. Take away the race on mother's day, situated at Darlington Raceway, in South Carolina.

Take this race, and let's put it back on labour day weekend, the way it should be.

Let's leave mother's day weekend as an off-weekend.

With these changes, I think the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series schedule would be close to perfect. What do you think?