WWE Judgment Day 2007: Top 10 Moments on a Night the Great Khali Impressed

Justin Watry@@JustinWatrySenior WriterMay 11, 2012

WWE Judgment Day 2007: Top 10 Moments on a Night the Great Khali Impressed

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    In 2007, Judgment Day was a solid effort. Both Raw and Smackdown (and ECW) were present for every pay-per-view once again. The single-branded events were worth a try, but they just were not working out.

    In any event, this night is not remembered for much. It was just a good (C grade) three hours from WWE that very few can recall. However, the main event had much more meaning than some realize.

    What happened? Let's find out!

10. Punk vs. Burke

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    CM Punk and Elijah Burke were feuding on ECW.

    They were enemies. Then the two were allies. Finally, their feud was set. Punk was the face, while Burke was the heel.

    It was all going to come together at Judgment Day.

    For some reason, I never got into this match. The two both had a nice future in the company, but this just didn't do it for me.

    To be fair, the match did pick up towards the end. The first 15 minutes didn't impress. Punk won the match, and Elijah all but disappeared from television shortly after.

    Seems familiar...

9. ECW Title Match

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    Vince McMahon was the ECW Champion.

    Yes, he was.

    On this night, he was defending the title against Bobby Lashley. By his side were Umaga and Shane McMahon. It was going to be a three-on-one match.

    Luckily, WWE kept this short.

    In less than two minutes, Lashley pinned Shane.

    Since he didn't pin the champion, there was controversy over the belt for another month. In the end, nobody cared. Lashley was gone from the company less than a year later.

    WWE tried their best with him. It just never clicked...

8. Tag Titles

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    The Hardy Boys were tag champs.

    At Judgment Day, they defended their titles against Trevor Murdoch and Lance Cade. They were a nice duo, and this match delivered.

    For 15 minutes, two legitimate teams put on a good showing. The brothers retained, but their reign wouldn't last too much longer.

7. Flair vs. Carlito

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    Ric Flair vs. Carlito was the opening match.

    As the promo posed shows, this was a match that needed to happen. After teaming together, Carltio would soon turn on Flair.

    They finished it all at Judgment Day.

    Flair made Carlito tap out in a fun opener.

6. Leave the Memories Alone

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    A month later, Flair was drafted to Smackdown.

    That move was never going to work. Yes, he was back on the same brand as Batista, but you had to figure Ric wanted to be on the live premiere show each week.

    After a few weeks, it was determined that Ric was going to hang up his boots around WrestleMania XXIV time. He was taken off television before returning in November (on the Raw brand).

    As we all know by now, Ric had a few more big matches in 2008. His final WWE match was against Shawn Michaels, all the while he was technically a Smackdown talent.

5. HBK vs. Orton

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    Shawn Michaels had a "concussion" going into this match.

    Randy Orton was on a major mean streak in 2007. This event was also in his home town.

    Thus, there was only one likely outcome. Mr. RKO punted Shawn in the skull to give him time to rest up after a short four-minute "match."

    Shawn's wife came out to check on him, as he was taken out on a stretcher. He was gone for about five months.

    When Michaels returned from injury, he feuded with Randy Orton again.

4. World Title Match

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    Edge was the World Heavyweight Champion.

    He had cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase to defeat The Undertaker a few weeks earlier. On this night, his opponent was Batista.

    While they had some good matches in the past, this may have been their best. Since this feud was going to be drawn out, the heel had to find a way to win.

    Edge did just that to retain.

3. Pinning Sequence

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    Batista is a great talent.

    Edge is already in the WWE Hall of Fame.

    These two had many quality matches. At Judgment Day, they came through again.

    Sadly, the ending was ridiculous.

    Five years later, I still can't believe everybody agreed this was the right decision. Being a man who speaks on logic and numbers, this was beyond bad.

    Batista gives Edge a powerful "spine buster" during a big moment, only for the Rated R Superstar to simply roll The Animal up for the pin fall.

    The term "no sold" could easily be used here. Just watch the video posted...

2. Khali and Cena Praise

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    The Great Khali will be a future WWE Hall of Famer. You can deny it all day long, but it is going to happen someday.

    John Cena is, by far, the top man in this industry and has been for nearly a decade. The negative words said about him used to be considered "cool." In 2012, it is just laughable.

    At Judgment Day, these two men showed their worth once more.

    Khali was the dominant heel with very few (if any) losses, while Cena was the face WWE Champion. It made for a perfect story, and it was a great main event feud.

1. Main Event

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    John Cena and The Great Khali delivered!

    The two get enough grief from fans (for some reason), but they came through in the clutch here. They put on a great match for the fans, and everybody was emotionally invested from start to finish.

    In the end, Cena made the big man tap out. The crowd reaction was huge and yet another reminder of their wrestling legacies.

    My hat goes off to both of them for (again) proving all the cynics and doubters wrong. Five years later, not much has changed...

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