Chelsea FC: 5 Reasons Roberto Di Matteo's Support of John Terry Was Brilliant

Dan Renfro@danrenfroCorrespondent IIIMay 11, 2012

Chelsea FC: 5 Reasons Roberto Di Matteo's Support of John Terry Was Brilliant

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    Despite his poor form, John Terry got a full vote of confidence from his manager.

    Roberto Di Matteo stood behind his captain, saying that Terry "has been a leader and everything you want in a captain." Terry has been battling injuries all year, but he has still played more than 40 matches. At 31 years old, that's an incredible feat.

    Moving on from Terry, it is important to note how intelligent Di Matteo was to support his captain. Terry has come under a lot of scrutiny over the past few years (from myself included), but Chelsea have stood behind him.

    With Di Matteo standing behind the Chelsea skipper, he asserts himself as a spokesman for the club, which is exactly what a good manager would do.

    Chelsea haven't made a decision on Di Matteo's future yet, but he has done a pretty good job forcing the board to consider him.

Unites Dressing Room

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    At every level of football, players recognize when someone is playing poorly.

    For the last few matches, John Terry has played pretty darn poorly. While there wasn't necessarily unrest, some players might've been grumbling with how poorly their on-field leader was playing.

    Then Roberto Di Matteo publicly supported the captain.

    Again, I'm not suggesting the dressing room was falling apart, but it couldn't have been incredibly stable. After winning the FA Cup, the Blues turned around and were destroyed by Liverpool. Albeit with the second team playing; it was still a destruction.

    Di Matteo's comments refocused the club, and the team should be ready to move forward without any issues.

Encourages John Terry

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    John Terry has one match to prove he belongs on England's Euro squad.

    It was a formality just a few months ago, but now there's no guarantee Terry will be on the England roster. Yes, he probably deserves it, but that doesn't mean he will be selected.

    Terry was abused by Andy Carroll on Tuesday, and England can't have a soft centre-back going up against the likes of Germany, Holland or Spain. Terry needs to have a good game on Sunday to reaffirm his spot on the team.

    With Di Matteo behind him, Terry can now collect himself and make one final push for an England selection. If he plays well, he should get the call.

Illustrates His Care for His Players

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    When one of his players was being doubted, Roberto Di Matteo quickly stood by him.

    Less than one day after playing one of the worst matches of the year, John Terry was defended by his manager. Sure, he hasn't been playing well, but he's been a tremendous leader.

    Sometimes that's all you really need from a captain.

    Chelsea don't need Terry to be the world-class player he once was. They need him to lead the team and avoid making mistakes.

    Di Matteo understands that, and he wanted to make sure no one insulted his captain too much. Di Matteo cares about his players, and his comments illustrate how much he supports them.

Quiets Haters

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    People are quick to judge and overreact when something goes wrong for a player.

    John Terry had a few bad games, and we were ready to call him washed up. However, Roberto Di Matteo quickly stepped in and reminded everyone how great Terry has been this season.

    Sure, some people probably still doubt Terry, but true fans listen to the manager.

    When he takes a stand for a player, everyone needs to listen. Di Matteo has Terry's back, and everyone rooting for Chelsea ought to follow suit.

Asserts Himself as Manager

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    Roberto Di Matteo did exactly what a good manager would do.

    He stood up for his slightly out-of-form captain.

    Before too much backlash could build up, Di Matteo made brief comments on how much he appreciated John Terry's work on the year. Considering the negativity that surrounds Terry (including the stuff he brought upon himself), it's incredible to see how well he's performed over the course of his career.

    Di Matteo has done a pretty good job tactically. He has won some big games, including a trophy. He has Chelsea on the cusp of becoming European champions (it's going to be tough).

    Yet he isn't guaranteed the job next year. However, after these comments, if every Chelsea player and supporter didn't stand behind Di Matteo, I would be shocked.

    He's done a pretty good job so far. These comments make me believe he's done a great job so far.