Tables, Ladders, and Chairs: A Match We Might Not See Again

AkDSenior Writer IJanuary 31, 2009

The Tables Ladders and Chairs match (TLC), has been one of my favorite specialty match in the WWE. I have many memories stashed away in my vault which I call my memories.

I remember the first one I saw. It was Wrestlemania 17 in Houston, Texas at the Reliant Stadium, the same place where Wrestlemania 25 will take place. The Hardys jumping off their ladders, the Dudleys slamming through tables, and Edge and Christian with their chair shots had gave birth to a new match.

Yes, those three teams are the parents of a match that was radiant by nature in its elegance, but at the same time devastating by what it put your body through. Wrestlemania 17, those three teams stepped into the first ever TLC match...well at least the first one I saw. It was amazing. I drooled like a little kid who saw a bike in a store window or a little girl begging her daddy for the new beach house Barbie doll. It blew me away and I'm sure it did the same for others.

We saw classics that night. We saw Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Rock, arguably the two best of all time square off in what would go down as an all time classic. No doubt it was, but when I went to sleep that night I didn't have the slightest thought of a Rock Bottom or a Stunner.

I thought Edge spearing a helpless Jeff Hardy holding on the titles to the ground. I though of Swanton Bomb off a 30 foot ladder. I thought of the numerous tables that everyone fell through and the echoes the chair shots gave out. I thought TLC. WWE didn't disappoint as they served us another dose of WWE's three combined foreign objects match. We saw it them throughout the years. Slowly they have disappeared. .

Anyway WWE was heading towards a more family friendly environment. I could see that they wanted to be more involved with children. We saw less blood, less violence, less TLC. As the attitude era died, so did the TLC. It's not completely gone but in the last five years or so I can only remember two of them.

They were one on one as well. It was Edge vs Undertaker and Edge vs John Cena. Tag Teams TLC's are already extinct and soon the whole match itself will be. Why? The WWE has recently been granted a PG rating. 

Let me elaborate further on this. The PG ratings are similar to as if you were going to see a PG movie. Violence has limitations and profanity is a definite no no. Quick example would be Cena's F-U being renamed the Throwback, and ECW's One night stand PPV being renamed "Extreme Rules". Even though the PG rating won't probably ban the TLC match because we still have Hell  in a Cells and Elimination Chambers, but TLC has been replaced.

We have The Money In The Bank match. I assume we all know how it works so I don't have to explain. First we had a ladder match, then it evolved to TLC and now a regression and back to ladders again. I'm not saying we'll never see a TLC match again, but unless the tag team division vastly improves...we won't see a tag team one. One on one TLC's aren't that great or exciting so WWE doesn't have much to do with them.

Nevertheless it has been a great match and it has left us with memories and we'll always remember it regardless if we don't or do see them again.