New York Mets Deserve Plaudits but Receive None from New York Tabloids

Harold FriendChief Writer IMay 10, 2012

What? They Won Again?
What? They Won Again?Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

I have followed the New York Mets since 1962. I am not a Mets fan, but despite that fact, the way the New York tabloids have treated them and continue to treat them is obscene.

Last season, when the Mets fared poorly, the New York Post and the New York Daily News made short shrift of them.

Each newspaper provided minimal coverage, usually one brief story that included the game results and some player information.  It was wrong, but recognizing that there was a lot of other sports news, it might be understandable.

This season has been no different, but the team has been very different. The Mets are still treated as an afterthought.

The sports pages are filled with stories about the New York Knicks and the New York Rangers, which is expected since each was a playoff team, but the New York Yankees dominate the baseball coverage.

Today, Ken Davidoff of the Post started his column with "Once the Philles blew yet another late-inning (sic) lead, allowing the Mets to post their third straight victory and a series sweep...."

The nerve of Davidoff and the ignorance of such a statement. The Phillies "allowed" the Mets to win their third game against the Philadelphia Phillies?  Since when does a team "allow" its opponent to win a game?

The Mets (18-13) have a better record than the Yankees (16-14). The Mets are defying the "experts" that wrote them off all winter and spring. Well, I have news for them. The Mets are not going away.

Let's say that the Mets finish third. They are going to finish ahead of a decimated, overrated Phillies team. Take it to the Citibank.

The Mets have a decent chance of finishing ahead of either the Miami Marlins, the Washington Nationals or the Atlanta Braves.

The Marlins are underachieving or perhaps they were just overrated. The Nationals will shut down Steven Strasburg in late August or early September, which will have a great impact on the division race. The Braves have no guarantee that last year's collapse was a fluke.

If the Mets finish no better than third, it appears that if they win more games than the Cincinnati Reds, they will be a wild card.

It is not inconceivable, except to the sportswriters of the New York tabloids, that the Mets have a real chance to get into the playoffs.

The fact that the Yankees are the greatest franchise in sports doesn't mean that when they have a mediocre team they should dominate the sports pages. Even when they have a solid team, it is wrong to almost ignore the Mets.

Wouldn't be amazing if the Mets made the playoffs and the Yankees didn't? Don't answer that.