Jeff Hardy: Will He Ever Be WWE Champion Again?

bergContributor IJanuary 31, 2009

My last article was about B/R writer Joe Burgett. While many thought I had a point, others thought I should stick to what was supposed to be on here in the section I was writing in. That is wrestling. So I figured I would talk about former WWE Champion Jeff Hardy.

Personally I think he is the best superstar in the WWE right now. I hate the fact that the WWE took the WWE Title off of him so soon.

I mean to quote to Joe Burgett, Really? Why would you take the title off of Hardy when he is arguably your best cash cow? I know the WWE still has John Cena. But unlike Hardy, he is not cheered wherever he goes.

I know the WWE wants to go for a storyline with the Hardy brothers and possibly Christian Cage could be involved too. After all, Matt never came out and said he attacked Jeff.

I mean he could have easily said he did after he he attacked Jeff at the Royal Rumble. If he did it, he would have come out on SmackDown and said it.

So like Joe Burgett reported on B/R, Cage still could be behind all the attacks and Matt could just be doing all of this to take Jeff out of action so that he would sort of protect him from Cage.

It may sound complicated, but the WWE does like to surprise the fans. Could be why the WWE didn't bring Cage out at the Rumble.

I know he did not sign a contract yet, but he could have been thee if the WWE needed him to. And he intends to sign with them so I know he'd do it if asked by them.

But back to Jeff Hardy. Will he ever be WWE Champion again? I think so. See he lost to Edge in January, which means Edge will not hold it until 2010. So that means he would have to lose it sometime between now and then.

I figure he would lose it to Cage, but that may not happen until later in his career. Chris Jericho for instance returned a while back and he won his first World Title since coming back in 2009. So I figure Cage will win sometime in 2010.

Triple H seems likely, but I know fans and the WWE does not want him to hold it as long as he has been, so if he does then he will hold it for five months max. He has also been rumored to be drafted to RAW this summer.

So the only one left would be Jeff Hardy and possibly Matt Hardy. Now that Matt is a member of the SmackDown roster, he can compete for the WWE Championship. So I see him going for the title, too.

Jeff is a main eventer; so is his brother. So if you were to give one of them the WWE Title, then they could go back and forth with it competing in a rivalry.

Or if Cage is behind the attacks, Jeff could win the Title from Edge or something and then Cage could go after Jeff and they could go back and forth in a rivalry. It all depends on what happens until Wrestlemania.

I figure Jeff could be WWE Champion at least one more time by the end of 2009. I also see a Triple H reign. And of course we will have to sit through another Edge title reign.

What do you think? Will Jeff Hardy ever be WWE Champion again?