Gerry Penalosa and His Chances Against Juan Manuel Lopez

EJ ClaudioCorrespondent IJanuary 31, 2009

He is young, strong, and fast. But can he handle a wily veteran in Gerry Penalosa?

All physical attributes are leaning on JuanMa to take this one. He is three inches taller than Penalosa and has a longer reach. If you've seen him fight, you'll also notice that he has speed.

And power?

Let his record speak for him—24 wins with 22 coming by way of knockout. That is truly impressive!

Penalosa, on the other hand, has ring smarts and experience on his side. He's been with big punchers like Daniel Ponce de Leon and survived 12 rounds.

Penalosa has never been knocked out. He is a crafty fighter. He makes use of the ring and times his shots very well. But the question is, can he box his way to victory against JuanMa without getting knocked out?

With a record of 53 wins, six losses, and two draws, you can say that is an impressive record as well. However, time is not on his side. Penalosa is 36 years old and has been through many wars.

There is a chance that his age will show in this fight. If not, then can we expect a boxing clinic from him?

Most experts and fans predict a blowout win by JuanMa. He is considered to be the next big thing in the lower weight classes, but I disagree—maybe I'm backing Penalosa on this one because he is my countryman but also because I believe that he will use his experience against the young JuanMa.

Can Lopez knockout "Fearless" Gerry Penalosa? I'm predicting Penalosa will get dropped, but he will get up and box his way to victory. As a Filipino, I know Penalosa has the heart of a champion.

Penalosa will be taking a tune-up fight before this match, and I hope there won't be any upsets so that this fight will take place because it's not yet finalized.

I hope this fight does get signed because this will be his biggest fight, and I'm hoping that he will step up and make his country proud.

Win or lose, I'm already proud of him.