Rajon Rondo's Party Jacket & Vladimir Putin Always Wins: BR5: 5/10/12

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We have a public service announcement for all would-be cameramen. Celtics PG Rajon Rondo is in his party jacket, so stay as far away from him as possible! After the Celtics' loss to the Hawks, Rondo got pretty pissed off at a cameraman for filming him. Yes, you read that right. The cameraman was operating his camera...

Russian president Vladimir Putin can do it all. He was recently reelected, he rides horses with no shirt on and he recently laced up the skates and made a goalie look stupid. Putin finished with two goals, one in regulation and one in a game-deciding shootout. Not too shabby, Mr. President! The problem? He isn’t exactly moving around like Alexander Ovechkin out there. Police cruisers clocked the president at just under 2 kph. Tough to score when you can’t skate. Unless you’re playing in Russia with Putin…

Everything’s better with beer, right? But throw in a motorcycle, and you’ve got a party! Or a new sport? That’s right, beer + motorcycles = Moto-Polo. The sport is taking Rwanda, yes Rwanda, by storm. It’s the traditional game of polo, but with motorcycles instead. A match has four, 15-minute quarters, and the length of intermission between quarters is “about a beer’s length.” Not a bad gig, just make sure it’s the guy swinging the mallet who is drinking those beers and not the guy driving!

With Bobby Petrino out in Arkansas, the entire state seems bent on abandoning competition all together. Teresa Bloodman has filed suit against the Pulaski County Special School District because her child didn’t make the team. The suit states that her son has a Constitutional right to participate in school sports “as part of a full and complete education which include competition in sports.” Hey mom, now that you’ve completely alienated your kid, it may be a bad time to tell you there’s a universal solution that solves your problem. Two words: Rec. League.

Keyshawn Johnson should probably shelve any post-NFL security guard aspirations he was harboring. TMZ reports he was the guilty party when the Kardashians called the cops on some paparazzi who had snuck into their gated community. Turns out, they didn’t have to climb a fence, or tunnel their way in. All they needed to do was ask Keyshawn for admission. Apparently, Keyshawn thought they were delivery guys. Hey Keyshawn, where’s the pizza?

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