Why It’s a No Brainer: Manny Ramirez Should be a San Francisco Giant

Divya ParmarSenior Analyst IJanuary 31, 2009

People, people, people, what the heck is going on here?

Why the hell isn’t Manny Ramirez signed yet?

More specifically, why haven’t the Giants pulled up to Manny with a dump truck full of money?

Why? Anyone...anyone...Bueller... Bueller...?

First, the obvious. The Giants need a big bat who can strike fear in opponents. This is compared to the alternatives. Fred Lewis? Dave Roberts? Aaron “I broke my nose so sign me” Rowand? Are you kidding me?

Let’s face it, the lineup is crap. Complete and utter BS. High school players could get through the heart of this lineup.

Winn-Molina-Sandoval? That doesn't scare anyone.

Look at it this way. The Giants are counting on a player with three months of experience to be their third baseman. They are banking on a 22-year old with only three home runs to be their cleanup hitter. What?

The last time the Giants had a Manny Ramirez-kind of bat, it was the one and only Barry Bonds.

Sure, Barry was a jackass. Sure, Barry fought with Jeff Kent. Who gives a crap?

The Giants, with Bonds and Kent, were winners. Sure, you wouldn’t let them babysit your kids, but is that what sports is about? Babysitting?

For all that can be said about Bonds (his circus, his entourage, steroids, Greg Anderson), he was a winner. He won in Pittsburgh. When he left, then they sucked.

Barry Bonds saved the Giants in San Francisco.

He brought the franchise to prominence. He got them into the playoffs.

Someone always says, “Well, he never won a World Series.” Well, he did all he could to get the Giants there, and he put them in a position to succeed. If the bullpen didn’t blow it, he would have ring. He’s a winner in my book.

If the Giants win, no one will complain about the circus. Winning cures all. If the Giants can come back to the playoffs, all will be forgiven.

Guess what? Manny’s a winner. Ask Boston fans if they are happy with the last eight years. They know, Manny’s a winner.

Okay, let’s get to the other argument against Manny. The “he’s disinterested, doesn’t run out ground balls and choked the travelling secretary" argument.

Hey, if he hits .330 with 40 homers, I couldn’t give a damn if he runs out ground balls. You can have David Eckstein. Give me Manny every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Running out ground balls is nice, very symbolic gesture, and makes for a great role model. But this isn’t about that. This isn’t about a role model. It’s about a baseball player.

Just produce, baby.

Manny is a damn good baseball player who is guaranteed to put up big numbers. A “disinterested” Manny is a million times better than Dave Roberts in any state of mind. Manny, even when “disinterested” is a great hitter, and that’s all that matters.

The cynics bring up his age. “Oh, he’s 37.” Well, look at his numbers from last year. On base 24 out of 36 times.

An average of .396 while with the Dodgers. If that’s aging, sign me up this second!

By signing Manny, the Giants not only gain a Hall of Famer, they punch their arch-rival Dodgers in the gut. The Dodgers would fall back toward the Giants.

And, last, but not least, is money.

Manny will be great for ticket sales. Just a couple thousand extra tickets a game will more than make up for his salary. Hey, if you can pay Zito $19 million, isn’t Manny worth his paycheck by comparison?

With all the reason to do it, what are the Giants waiting for?

Are they scared to pull the trigger? Are they cheap? Do they not want to win?

Whatever the reason, the verdict is clear, sign Manny. Now.