UFC: 94 Undercards and Rivalries. The Silva Promotion On PPV.

Blue ChipCorrespondent IJanuary 31, 2009

I am looking forward to seeing UFC 94. I am not writing about the main event. I am writing my article on everything but.

The under-card bout of Machita V Silva, in a Light-Heavyweight match. Silva is a household name at this point. Undefeated for some time, 26 years old, Former Chute Boxer Academy, and a victory in the first round at his last match. Silva is a man to be dealt with.

Machita is equally formidable. Also Undefeated, he has trained since 5, 31 years old, holds a defeat over Ortiz. Machita is growing.

One match to keep an eye on; Chris Wilson V John Howard. Doomsday's stats seem alright (10-4), but the man needs to come into his own. Howard is looking pretty good, for an "up and comer."

Apparently, there has been a bit of "static," behind the scenes with these two, on their way, leading up to tomorrow's event.Doomsday, is new to UFC and should watch his step as a new comer.The winner of this, will begin his footing tomorrow night.

In Fitch V Gono- This will be an interesting one. Fitch has a record of 19 - 3, but this third loss was in his last match. A man in his thirties, could be too old for this sport in just a snap.  This goes for Gono as well.

Gono has lost his last match as well. The thing that the "Japanese Sensation" has, that his opponent does not, is experience. "Magic Man," is a little older, however, he holds an amazing amount of experience over Fitch. This will be the sure favorite.

The first card of the night, the "underest" of under cards, is Cramer V Arroyo. This is a Welterweight bout. "Pretty Boy," has a Pro. Rec. of 0, but has 3 Exhibition Wins. With a record of (3-2-0) Arroyo has a clear advantage. This match is one that Silva has definitely set up with a personal interest. The smart money would go to Arroyo.

Silva has set up this Promotion and has personally selected all of the bouts.With UFC on Spike TV, we have seen these tempers flaring, BJ Penn becoming upset with Spike's UFC programs. We will keep our eyes on the PPV to watch the tears and triumph.

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-Blue Chip