College Baseball Dance-offs and Harvard's 'Call Me Maybe'

Max RogersCorrespondent IMay 9, 2012

College Baseball Dance-offs and Harvard's 'Call Me Maybe'

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    Having lived with a few baseball player roommates back in my college days, I can attest to their true life’s passion: choreographed dance. 

    OK, maybe that’s a stretch, but these guys do like to let loose when given the chance. And by letting loose, I mean break dancing and lip-synching along to "Call Me Maybe."

    Who knows, maybe some of these guys will be future stars in the MLB? And you’ll get a rare glimpse of them just having fun, before all the money and sponsorships change things.

    Hanging around in the locker room or during rain delays are the perfect times to get a little dance crazy. As are long road trips to out-of-town games. It’s always great when someone takes a video of it for the world to watch. And maybe a little sad that these videos tend to get more views than actual numbers of fans at their games.

    If you haven’t watched a college baseball game, go out and do so this season. They can be a lot of fun, and a great time for people of any age. Or hit up a collegiate summer league game, especially if you’re going to be anywhere near Cape Cod this summer.

    Plus, it’s one of the few remaining collegiate men’s sports that you don’t have to empty your bank account in order to watch a live game. And if there’s a rain delay, with some of the antics these players pull off, it will almost certainly be worth your time. (Yes, college hockey lovers also experience the same issues with their teams not getting much attention in the national spotlight.)

    In any case, I made my "go support college baseball" speech, so now back to the matter at hand.

    Earlier this year, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Ashley Tisdale made a video where they lip-synched along to Canadian pop sensation Carly Rae Jepsen’s song “Call Me Maybe.” Since then, numerous stars, including James Franco and Katy Perry, have made similar videos.

    The trend even broke into the collegiate sports world with UNC and Duke Women’s lacrosse and UConn women’s basketball teams making their own “Call Me Maybe” videos. This week, Harvard’s baseball team brought the “Call Me Maybe” action to the Ivy League. 

    As fun as those videos are, they don’t compare to some of the sweet dance skills demonstrated during dance-offs by some college baseball teams. But don’t let my opinion influence you, take a look and decide for yourself.

    Or maybe you already partook in this viral video craze that’s been going on for years and would like to share your favorite?

    Here are some videos (including the Harvard baseball team’s) where college baseball players let loose and have a little dance fun. 

Vanderbilt Baseball Dance-off

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    I’m not quite sure what that dance move the Vanderbilt baseball player at the one-minute mark is doing is called, but he sure makes it work. 

USF-UConn Dance-off

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    With over one million views, this 2009 USF-UConn dance-off may be the most-viewed college baseball dance-off of all time. 

Nebraska-CSU Bakersfield Dance-off

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    Nebraska and CSU Bakersfield baseball recently made the press with this rain-delay dance-off. 

FAU-Western Kentucky Dance-off

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    This FAU-Western Kentucky baseball dance-off has an awesome wrestling “dance” move around the two-minute mark.

Davidson-Clemson 'Moose Hunting'

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    MLB’s Seattle Mariners might want to get in on this Davidson-Clemson rain delay “moose hunting” action. 

Taylor-Mount Vernon Dance-off

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    If baseball doesn’t pan out for this Taylor player, he should look into a dancing career. Starting around the 30-second mark of this Taylor-Mount Vernon rain delay, you get to see this kid’s mad skills. 

BYU-Air Force Rain-Delay Dance-off

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    There's something for everyone in this video, with mascot break dancing, a great curling "dance" and the shake weight.  

Muskingum Baseball

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    They may not be winning any dance competitions any time soon, but the Muskingum baseball team gets points for everyone on the bus getting into it. 

Ole Miss 'Love Is Gone'

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    Here some Ole Miss baseball players prove that you don't need to have a rain delay to get in on the dancing action. 

SFA-UTSA Rain-Delay

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    At around the 50-second mark some players make use of the rain by showing off their Olympic swimming skills in the puddles on the field. Watch out Michael Phelps, someone is coming after your gold medals.   

Harvard Baseball 'Call Me Maybe'

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    Every year around admission decision time, thousands of high school kids around the world are waiting for Harvard to "call" them. Here, the Harvard baseball team gets in on the "Call Me Maybe" craze.