Paper, Plastic, Aluminum: WWE Recycles Its Superstars

AkDSenior Writer IJanuary 31, 2009

Hello B/R! AkD is back with another article. I don't know what it is but my brain is fire! So I must write.

WWE is quite the environmentalist if you catch my drift. They recycle and I don't mean papers, plastic, aluminum...I mean within WWE creative. Many might be thinking story lines. That's not what I'm talking about, they recycle Wrestlers. Let me elaborate further on this.

First there is the type A recycle which I like to compare to paper. When a piece of paper get full what do you do? Write on the other side. This can be found first on The Brain Kendrick. He has a jacket, a lollipop, makes hand movements, refers to himself in third person, and has a big black body guard named Ezekiel (Or however you spell it) Jackson. Trace this back to the early 90's and you'll get the post-Rockers Shawn Michaels. The old HBK made the same hand gestures and had the same red lollipop as Kendrick does. HBK used to say "Shawn Michaels has left the building"! He had a body guard who was also big and black named Diesel.

Fast forward over a decade later and WWE recycles HBK's old character and new fan base thinks it's new. Another type A can be found in Miz and Morrison whom I love to death. However, to be honest, they're our modern day Edge and Christian.

Edge and Christian used to tell fuuny jokes and poked fun at the crowd and their city. Edge and Christan were the definition of "cool" and took five second poses. Now look at Miz and Morrison. Morrison is Edge of course. He has the long jacket and claims to be utterly attarctive just like Edge once was. He and Miz claim to be the "coolest" and most "handsome" guys around. Pretty similar huh? Legacy is a no brainer. The only difficult part is finding out who is the next Orton between Rhodes and DiBiase.

Now on to type B. These are the plastic I suppose. These are the easiest to point out. WWE tries to put a character in a new direction...reinventing themselves if you call it.

Undertaker is an example he took a break from the phenom and became the American Badass riding around on a motorcycle. When it didn't go as planned Taker returned to the phenom. The same can be said for Triple H's king of kings. He's no longer a wannabe Conan and is back as the Game. It's okay; everyone has survived this stage accept for Kane. Poor poor man, his character just keeps getting worse.

Now there's aluminum, type C which is the hardest to spot out. I would have to say that only wrestling fanatics could point this out. First lets go back to Rosey. Anybody remembers him? He was Hurricane Helms (type B by the way) trusty sidekick who was funny. He used to be apart of Eric Bishoff's three minute warning tag team. His tag team partner Jamal was the powerhouse of the duo. He had a good run in WWE and we always remember him.

There's no need for that because he's still here, he's Umaga. Surprised huh? Now on to Dolph Ziggler. He shouldn't be saying "Hi I'm Dolph Ziggler", he should be saying "Hi I used to be on the spirit squad".

Yup, Ziggler isn't brand new he's one of those high flying spirit squad members...Mikey or Nicky I think. A guy name Shak pointed out to me that Rosa Mendes, Beth Pheonix's number one fan was an ex-Diva search participant.

I got a couple of old ones too. How did Garrison Cade turn into Lance Cade? Hey Duece and Domino remeber them? Well WWE used the Duece scrap metal and turned him into Sim Snuka. WWE recycles B/R and fans, and just in case you weren't aware I had to write this article. They're more out there but I'll leave the searching up to you guys.