The 10 Best Simpsons Sports Episodes

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The 10 Best Simpsons Sports Episodes
So long, Wonderbat.

Twenty-three years...

Not too old if you're a tree, but for a television show? That's an eternity. Heck, most hope to make it a fraction of that time. Twenty-three years ago, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers looked like Creamsicles, Ozzie Canseco had hopes of a successful big-league career, and Bryce Harper was still nearly three years away from being born. 

In those nearly two and a half decades, an animated institution, "The Simpsons," has and continues to leave its mark in the history books of classic American television. A cartoon that started off about a crudely-drawn yellow suburban family with a bratty son and oaf father has journeyed into space, feuded with a president and managed to feature three living Beatles as guests.

It really seems like the Springfield family has done it all in those 23 years, and don't think they haven't dipped their golden toes into the sports world as well. They've hung around with Hall of Famers, All-Stars, Olympic champions and the Capital City Goofball. Outside of a game itself, "The Simpsons" has provided us with some of the most memorable comical sporting moments in television history. 

Part of the charm of the show is that despite all those wacky antics and mad-cap adventures, they're just like your family and mine: a bit goofy, a bit silly, a bit out of left field, but always loving, funny and genuine. 

When you're successful for nearly a quarter century, you've become a rock; something dependable, something that's always there, not unlike the crack of the bat on a Saturday afternoon or the roar of a crowd at a football game on a crisp Sunday in October. When you think about it, it only seems natural that some of the greatest episodes are when the family and sports come together.

So let's take a walk down memory lane and look back at the "Pin Pals," "Dancin' Homer," Steve Sax's arrest and all the most memorable sporting moments in the great history of "The Simpsons."

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