Top 10: Most Hated Athletes: Could There Be a Few Surprises?

Mike Almighty@MikeLikesPintsContributor IJanuary 31, 2009

If I could, every athlete who makes more than I do would make this list. What percentage of athletes appreciate their salaries and the people who help pay for them? For what it’s worth, here is my personal Top 10 list of athletes I hate, or just simply can’t stand and would love to see them disappear.

10. David Beckham - This choice is purely out of jealously. He has a hot wife, he is loaded, and he can do pretty much whatever he wants. At the same time, he plays in a sport no one cares about in the US, so he can avoid some of the attention guys like LeBron James and Brett Favre get.

9. Alex Rodriguez - Another year, another year without a ring. Derek Jeter has World Series rings, you don’t. Understand that. Until you do win one, there is no reason for you to make the money you do. See what you have done? You have set bad examples for Mark Teixeira who now makes more money than someone without a ring should make. Manny might be a lame duck in the dugout, but he has rings, and he can carry a team to a championship. What can you do besides ruin yours and Madonna’s marriages?

8. Pacman Jones - Sorry buddy, I won’t call you Adam. You don’t deserve what you want. You are a waste of talent and money. I hope the NFL bans you for life. Some people just don’t get it and you are one of them.

7. Sean Avery - I almost forgot the NHL existed, but thank you Sean Avery for reminding me hockey is still around. Your idiot antics like unleashing a torrent of obscenities at a fan and sharing with us that other players get your sloppy seconds, you are truly a class act. I guess at this point, the NHL will take whatever media attention it can get.

6. Barry Bonds - You are old. No one likes you. No one ever liked you.

5. Michelle Wie - Not many more female athletes can be any more bothersome. You are not a man. You will never play well on the men's PGA tour. You have sucked so bad against your own gender that you had to take your act to Q school just to play this year. You are not even attractive. I do not want to see you in the news anymore. Do us all a favor and hang it up. You are never too young to switch careers.

4. Roger Clemens - I loved you when you played with the Yankees. You were one of the greatest pitchers in the history of baseball, regardless of whether you juiced or not. But come on man, you are guilty! Stop living this lie before it gets you in a lot more trouble. Your legacy is already tarnished. The facts are mounting up against you and you continue to deny everything thrown at you. Just accept you did wrong and everyone will forgive you like they did for your former teammates Andy Pettitte and Jason Giambi.

3. Andy Roddick - What a waste of talent!? Has he won anything important besides the Legg Mason Classic? Roddick turned down the 2008 Olympics to defend his title there. Where is his patriotism? He did win a US Open, but he is still highly overrated in my book. I think his greatest achievement was dating Mandy Moore.

2. Stephon Marbury - I am a Knicks fan. Need I say more? This man epitomizes what is wrong with sports and the salaries athletes receive. Marbury right now is being paid $21 million to do nothing but show up at away games to distract his teammates. When he is asked to play, something hurts. When he wants to play, he is considered too big of a distraction. Then when he decides it is OK to play again he does not get along with his teammates or the coach does not have him in his plans for the team.

And my most hated athlete is…

1. Terrell Owens - He always has the right words for the media after the game that everything is always OK with he and his teammates, yet between games TO hates the world, he is depressed, he doesn’t get the ball enough, and he is jealous Tony Romo dates Jessica Simpson. He has put up great stats in his career, but does he not get why his teams never win championships? I am sure TO appears on most people's top 10 hate lists.