Wladimir Klitschko Calls Haye vs. Chisora a "Freak Show Under Freak Rules"

Vitali SCorrespondent IMay 9, 2012

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"It's a freak show under freak rules," said Wladimir Klitschko about the Haye vs. Chisora fight planned for July.

“It's a spit in the face of the British Boxing Board of Control. To get a license for this man [Chisora] is disgraceful for the sport. How can you have such an event featuring a man who has shown his behavior to the world, especially considering what he did at the press conference, where he threatened Haye. It's something that isn't good for the fans and sport. How's it possible that this is happening on British soil?" continued Klitschko. 

It is clear why Wladimir and his brother Vitali might see the two British stars as losers, as blocks of cement drowning heavyweight boxing in disrespect and disorder. Many fans, despite disapproving of their actions, would still love to tune in and see the fight, in hopes of that very same “freak show.”

Entertainment sells, and as always, it’s a must-have part of sports.

Of course both Haye and Chisora acted like animals next to each other, but worse things have happened and have been said before. The things that Mike Tyson used to say are head and shoulders above Haye and Chisora when it comes to gore and offensiveness.

I can understand why Wladimir and Vitali might dislike both, and truthfully, I think no more of them than the Klitschko brothers, but the fight makes sense. Boxing needs polite and respectful professionals as much as it needs personals such as Mike Tyson and Derek Chisora.