Europe's Top Strikers: Which Ones Could Be Coming to England?

Andy Thomas@@drcornwallisContributor IIIMay 9, 2012

It's a look around the major leagues, looking at who is scoring the goals, and who could be the next striker on their way to your club this summer.

France (top 10 scorers in all competitions)

Nene - PSG - 15 goals - 10 pens

Giroud - Montpellier - 21 goals - 2 pens

Lopez - Lyon - 20 goals - 3 pens

Gomis - Lyon - 22 goals - 1 pen

Hazard - Lille - 9 goals - 9 pens

Remy - Marseille - 13 goals - 3 pens

Pastore - PSG - 15 goals

Gameiro - PSG - 14 goals - 1 pen

Aubameyang - St Etienne - 14 goals

Ayew - Marseille - 12 goals - 1 pen


So, in France there are some likely lads.  I think Lisandro Lopez is still a superstar waiting to happen for a big team, he just keeps on banging them in. 

I’m a little surprised by Gomis because from what I saw of him last season he looked a bit like a version of Heskey, missing big opportunities and then scoring unlikely goals.  He seems to have gotten it together this year and started scoring the easy ones.

Giroud is on Arsenal’s radar apparently, and Liverpool have attended some Montpellier games, though the rumours are that Belhanda is the one they are looking at.



Huntelaar – Schalke 04 – 37 goals – 7 pens

Gomez – B Munich – 34 goals – 5 pens

Lewandowski – B Dortmund – 27 goals

Raul – Schalke 04 – 21 goals

Reus – B Mönchengladbach – 20 goals

Pizarro – W Bremen – 16 goals – 2 pens

Podolski – FC Koln – 15 goals – 3 pens

Robben – B Munich – 12 goals – 6 pens

Harnik – Stuttgart – 17 goals

Kiessling – B Leverkeusen – 17 goals


The Germans are coming!  Huntelaar is making a huge impression there and will likely be a target for Bayern who tend to nick the best players of all other German teams, bless.  That said, they don’t need him at the moment as Gomez is firing on all cylinders. 

I’m thinking that Lewandowski is a good outside bet for top scorer at the Euros this summer if the Poles can get it together for the group stages. 

Raul is on his way to Qatar apparently, so he’s off the market, and Podolski has already agreed to join Arsenal.  The interesting ones are Reus, Kiessling and Lewandowski. All could be had for a fair price compared to the others.



Ibrahimovic – AC Milan – 23 goals – 11 pens

Di Natale – Udinese – 24 goals – 4 pens

Cavani – Napoli – 24 goals – 3 pens

Milito – Inter Milan – 18 goals – 7 pens

Palacio – Genoa – 17 goals – 3 pens

Giovinco – Parma – 13 goals – 4 pens

Miccoli – Palermo – 14 goals – 2 pens

Denis – Atalanta – 13 goals – 3 pens

Klose – Lazio – 15 goals

Jovetic – Fiorentina – 10 goals – 4 pens


Ibrahimovic is going nowhere for less than £50m. 

Di Natale, forget it, he isn’t leaving them.

Cavani will be hunted down by Man City or Barcelona with mega bucks.

Milito is in his swan song, Giovinco is having a freak year, and Klose surely can’t keep this up for another season, can he? 

I do wonder if Palacio could move on to pastures new, and could Miccoli squeeze another couple of top years out at a bigger club?  Nothing much to see here though, not a place for young strikers to go and make a name for themselves at the moment it would seem.



Messi – Barcelona – 53 goals – 14 pens

Ronaldo – R Madrid – 45 goals – 13 pens

Falcao – A Madrid – 28 goals – 6 pens

Benzema – R Madrid – 30 goals

Llorente – A Bilbao – 27 goals – 2 pens

Soldado – Valencia – 24 goals – 3 pens

Higuain – R Madrid – 26 goals

Jonas – Valencia – 18 goals – 1 pen

Adrian – A Madrid – 19 goals

Kone – Levante – 17 goals


No point in even talking about Messi and Ronaldo.

Could any of the big English clubs be circling for the rest of them, though?  Falcao has done brilliantly, he would be a perfect foil for Suarez or Carroll, but a costly one. 

Benzema surely will stay at Madrid, but Higuain will possibly look to move. But where? 

And what of Llorente? Soldado? KONE????  Okay, I got a bit excited about the last one, but guess what, I think he’s on a free this summer!  Soldado could be the man wanted by most, and I expect him to score a few goals for Spain this summer in the absence of Villa.


So, which ones do you think your club will be sniffing around?


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