WWE: Over the Limit Fatal 4-Way Breakdown Part 2: Alberto Del Rio

John KindelanAnalyst IIIMay 9, 2012

Welcome to the second part of a four-part series that will break down the upcoming Fatal 4-Way match for the WWE Heavyweight Championship.

We will take a look at each participant and analyze what the match style, title and story could mean for each of the four participants. I've covered the current champion Sheamus in my first article—the link is at the end of this article. For our second part we will discuss Alberto Del Rio.

Alberto Rodriguez, or as we know him here in the WWE Universe, Alberto Del Rio, is like Sheamus, a former two-time WWE Champion. That championship, however, is the only one Del Rio has held here in the WWE. Outside the WWE he has received accolades in amateur wrestling and Lucha Libre. 

Del Rio arrived in the WWE just two years ago and immediately was a force to be reckoned with when he injured and eliminated Rey Mysterio, Matt Hardy and Christian, taking them all out of action for a bit. In his first year he also found himself being a team captain for the traditional match at Survivor Series going against Mysterio and his team. I can't ever recall another person who walked into the WWE and so easily walked right into the spotlight and it felt as though it was just natural.

Del Rio's Lucha Libre style mixed with his experience in amateur wrestling as well as mixed martial arts brings on some great matches that see top rope moves and impressive mat work. He comes across as a combination of the late Eddie Guerrero and the now retired John Bradshaw Layfield. An impressive recipe that plays strong both in the ring and on the microphone.

Del Rio unfortunately has also had his share of injuries, and just recently returned from a groin injury. He returned to television in February but has only just been having matches again this past month. Will this injury play a part in the upcoming shot at the World Heavyweight Championship?

courtesy of wwe.com
courtesy of wwe.com

What the Fatal 4-Way means to Del Rio

While the style of the Fatal 4-Way match does not favor the champion, Del Rio has not had good luck in previous Fatal 4-Way matches for the Heavyweight Championship. The last time he participated in one he did not win the championship in a match against Kane, Edge and Rey Mysterio.

This style will help Del Rio with his recent return from the injury. Not having to be the only participant in the match will allow him to not have to go on and run the match the entire time. 

How does this carry his story?

If Del Rio were to win this match, the story would go on with Sheamus as it has been building up these last few weeks. Sheamus and Del Rio have had matches in the past and both work well together. But with Jericho and Orton in this mix as well I don't see either of those men accepting a loss for this title easily.


Del Rio has been nothing but a heel since coming to the company, and with his expensive cars, his personal ring announcer and his flamboyant attitude, it seems unlikely that he could be anything but a heel. Winning the title wouldn't change his persona; in fact it would most likely build it up and continue his thoughts on how it's his destiny to be a champion here in the WWE.

The BOOM prediction

Del Rio is still taking it easy in the ring. The groin injury that took him out for that long had to be a serious injury that not only put some rust ring on his body but might have played with his head as well. 

I do not see Del Rio winning this match and obtaining gold—instead I see this building a feud with Chris Jericho. Jericho is said to go on tour with his band this summer and might be on limited time with the WWE. I think this would be a good opportunity to have the WWE test to see if Del Rio could come across as a good guy, and a magnificent heel like Jericho can be so vile that he could make Del Rio look good.

In just twelve days we'll get to see if the Essence of Excellence will greet his destiny with gold around his waist or if instead it takes his character in a brand new direction. 

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