Michigan State Football: 3 Reasons Why Spartan Stadium Upgrades Were Necessary

Tyler DavisContributor IIIMay 8, 2012

Michigan State University has delivered its fans two of the best football seasons the program has played in years, and now that the program has their attention, more fans are willing to spend their hard-earned money during the upcoming 2012 football season. The athletic department has noticed this rise in popularity and has answered the fans with a big addition to Spartan Stadium.

Back in January, the MSU Board of Trustees approved a $10 million project to install new scoreboard systems. The proposed project seemed risky to some, but the athletic department approved the idea.

If Spartan fans wish to see the football program become one of the elites, they should understand the reasons that the directors find these scoreboards necessary.

While there are dozens of ways the project could benefit the university and its football program, here are a few major reasons the project was necessary.


Brings a Crowd 

The scoreboard that has recently been used in Spartan Stadium was installed in 1998 and has since been acceptable. The scoreboard would have been 24 years old, and fans can't expect today's quality of entertainment from a system that's been around for two-and-a-half decades.

The scoreboard was so outdated that it became expensive and difficult for the athletic program to repair, and maintaining the condition of the scoreboard was even more difficult. The sound quality of the speaker system was choppy and quiet as each year passed, making the entertainment level of the stadium mediocre compared to the rest of the nation's schools.

Today's technology features the high-definition video quality and epic surround sound that the majority of the nation possesses today in their homes, workplaces and public venues. Michigan State is finally jumping on the bandwagon with today's technology.


Increases Income for Spartan Athletics

The stadium will be packed full of fans this season due to the rise in season ticket sales. The incoming requests for tickets became so overwhelming that the athletic department suspended them until June 1. With the new scoreboards and a stellar home schedule, the fans have never been more eager to attend a Spartan football game.

The heavy amount of season ticket requests have provided a great increase in funds for the athletic department, and the directors are very pleased to see such a sudden upturn after just two seasons. As much as people weren't eager to see $10 million spent, the reality seems to be that the scoreboards will be paying for themselves in due time, as long as the fans keep pumping in the money.

Athletic director Mark Hollis has made great strides for MSU athletics, and he feels extremely optimistic about the scoreboards making the right impact for the university. His hopes are to see fans become motivated enough to fill the stadium for every game of the season, and doing so would bring more quality to their future visits.


Gains Prospect Attention for Recruiting

If the university wants to see their football program continue to succeed, they will have to contribute to the recruiting effort. In the past two seasons Michigan State has produced some quality players heading into the NFL, along with very talented veterans returning for another season.

If the Spartan football program can take 2- or 3-star athletes and glorify them, just imagine what the Spartans could produce if their new and revamped scoreboard system could win over the 4- and 5-star recruits!

Young prospects coming into college football are looking for a new home to display their talents, and many players take stadium appearances seriously. Spartan Stadium features a good look, but the lack of modern technology creates a major bump on Michigan State's recruiting trail.

When comparing Spartan Stadium to other Big Ten schools, Michigan State looks to be one of the best—however, they could gain much more attention if they match the higher-end technologies of the top-tier programs. They may not be as traditional as some schools, but they could greatly increase their chances of impressing young athletes if they apply a whole new world of entertainment.

These athletes want to be a part of something exciting and popular, and these scoreboards would contribute greatly to MSU's efforts towards recruiting.