The Adventures of Super-Cena #1: No Way Out!...Will The Champ Prevail?

AkDSenior Writer IJanuary 30, 2009

It's a bird! It's plane!, It's John Cena!

It's about two weeks left until the Elimination Chamber match at No Way Out takes place. Smackdown's side doesn't really interest me at the moment and but they will get their own article though. So World Heavyweight Champ John Cena will step into the chamber and defend hit title against Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho, Kofi Kingston and they are two spots left. Who's in? Better yet does anyone have Kryptonite? Its going to have to take more than an Elimination Chamber to send superman Cena back to fortress of solitude title less. Jericho (Lex Luthor) took his shots at Cena but ended up flat on his back courtesy of the F-U. Rey is the ultimate underdog but this isn't Wrestlemania 22. Kofi Kingston will step into a main event match for the first time...let alone one for the Heavyweight championship in a specialty match. The only guys who could probably take down Cena all have their hands tied. HBK is still working for JBL trying to be his employee of the month and getting trying to financially stabilize his family. With failed attempts at the rumble and the Raw after to get the money, it looks like JBL isn't done with him quite yet. The animal Batista, who I like to call Bizzaro is out of action. He'll be gone until at least Summerslam. He beat Superman Cena at Summerslam last year but before he could finish off the Job, Doomsday (Randy Orton) banished him into the phantom zone with a punt. Lastly there's Orton himself. Now a days he seems like the only man with kryptonite stash. He has his hands full with the Justice League (McMahons) and doesn't look like he'll escape their clutches for a while. With that all being settled, We are going to have to deal with the people we have in the chamber so far. Lets not forget there is still two spots left so who'll het in? Will HBK or Kane get a second shot? Who ever obtains the last two spots better come in with some kryptonite because the champ is't going down without a fight. I'm no psychic but I love making predictions. So when the Elimination Chamber is all set and done, the losers will be licking their wounds while Cena is traveling at the speed of light to the Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas. Its no surprise to predict Cena carry the title to Wrestlemania 25 but if he does, will he come out champ? One thing is for sure while he's in for a collision course April 5th, at No Way Orton he'll someone better have Kryptonite or they'll find themselves on the wrong side of cold hard unforgiving steel....Until next time!


P.S. - I know Cena is a hard worker and is dedicated in the ring he's a great wrestler...I just don't like his gimmick and or the way WWE forces him down our throats


Writer- AkD

Bizzaro- Batista

Superman/SuperCena -John Cena

Justice League- McMahon Family

Lex Luthor- Chris Jericho

Doomsday- Randy Orton