Fantasy League Halftime Bible

JACK LContributor IJanuary 30, 2009

To all you fantasy basketball fanatics, let us rejoice in a great first 40 or so games of the NBA '09 season. From stellar performances to season-ending injuries, both have shaken up fantasy leagues around the world.

Well, in order to help your problems (or further your success), I present you with this year's "Fantasy League Halftime Bible," where players will be glorified with admiration and compliments while some may be exposed to their true identity.


Antonio Mcdyess (F-C DET)

McDyess has played a fabulous new year thus far averaging about nine boards and seven points per contest. He is a great bench player for the struggling Pistons, and with the looks of their shifting roster, you never know if he'll soon be starting; however, don't rely on it.

He is a great bench player, and a great fantasy pick up for those in need of boards, and FG%.


Andres Nocioni (F CHI)

Got off to a terrible start to the season, but he is starting to find some rhythm on this young bulls team. He will always score and get treys, but unless you are extremely desperate for threes and points, I do not exactly recommend this risky addition. But, with every risk, there is a greater reward...So you never know.


Carl Landry (F HOU)

Landry is currently a bench player for the rockets, however, with signs of an injured knee from Yao, Landry's minutes might take a sudden jump. But, if not, this is certainly not the end of the world.

Landry is probably the most consistent free agent in fantasy leagues. I strongly suggest him to all teams. He does a little bit of everything with the minutes given. His current minutes are in no jeopardy, and the only direction for him is up.


Von Wafer (G HOU)

I do not think of Wafer of as much of a risk as he has been labeled. His shots will certainly fall, and his percentage from the field in the last month has been slightly above 50 percent. He gets a steal and change a game, which is nice, but his downside is is that he is a completely one-dimensional player.

No assists, no rebounds for this guard. I would pick him up if you need the popular categories like points and threes, but if not, then he is useless.


Jerryd Bayless (G POR)

Bayless is known to be an explosive point guard. That's a given. However, in the past month and a half he has proven that he can also be an explosive point guard on the NBA level. Bayless is enjoyable, smart, and talented.

I can see him breaking out with 30 games left in the year to become the starting point guard on the young Blazer squad. If you have 10 games to wait, pick Bayless up, if not, your loss.


Eddie House (G BOS)

Arguably one of the best three-point shooters in the league, House should be picked up in every league by now. He knocks down threes, which equals points, which turns into more minutes, which accumulates to even more points.

Being a Boston hater I do not enjoy giving Eddie House the spotlight, but in this new year I will make an exception because of his fantastic play. With Boston's bench being both old and mediocre, House is the most essential piece to their pine, so he is sure to be the glue to this year's Celtics.


Joakim Noah (C CHI)

Noah is a very solid rebounder for the Baby Bulls even though he seems to be riding the bench a lot. When in action, Noah makes the most of his minutes with three categories- FG%, REBS, BLKS. Two out of these three categories are constantly overlooked or weak in most leagues.

I urge the addition of a nice center like Noah for team's attempting to be victorious in these categories.


Brandon Bass (F DAL)

Bass is another guy always sitting on the "players" list all year. His numbers are very similar to Landry, however, he is not as consistent, but still a moderate pick up for teams in need of field goal percentage, some points, boards and blocks.


As I commence this halftime Bible of fantasy Basketball, I leave you with one rule:

Do not pick up anyone on the LAC, they are always injured, inconsistent, and you never know if they are starting or on the bench due to Coach's decision.

Have a goodnight grasshoppers.