7 Most Memorable First Career Hits in Baseball History

Robert Knapel@@RobertKnapel_BRCorrespondent IMay 8, 2012

7 Most Memorable First Career Hits in Baseball History

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    Getting that first hit in the major leagues is a big moment in the career of any player. There are some players who've had the hits mean even more because they came in a big spot.

    Jordany Vladespin is the latest player whose first hit had some extra meaning, because he was able to help the New York Mets to a victory.

    A number of players have came up to the plate and immediately had success. There is a fairly lengthy list of players who have hit home runs in their first at-bat. For some of them, though, it would also be the last home run that they ever hit.

Daniel Nava

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    Once Daniel Nava reached the major leagues, he did not waste a lot of time, showing that he had some power. Nava walked to the plate in the second inning of a game against the Philadelphia Phillies in 2010 with the bases loaded, and he swung at the first pitch that he saw.

    The Boston Red Sox outfielder ripped a Joe Blanton fastball and drove it out of the park. He became only the second player in MLB history to hit a grand slam on the first pitch he saw.

Kevin Kouzmanoff

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    In 2006, Kevin Kouzmanoff became just the third major league player to hit a grand slam in his first at-bat and the first player to hit one on his first pitch in the major leagues.

    Kouzmanoff replaced Travis Hafner in the Cleveland Indians lineup, and he came to the plate with the bases loaded in his first at-bat. He then wasted no time, hitting a grand slam on the first pitch that he saw.

Jordany Vladespin

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    With Ronny Cedeno already on the disabled list, the New York Mets needed to call up Jordany Vladespin once Ruben Tejada got hurt.

    Vladespin did not get the start against the Philadelphia Phillies on May 7, 2012.

    He had entered the game with an 0-for-6 career line in the majors, but Mets manager Terry Collins called on Vladespin to pinch hit against Jonathan Papelbon in a 2-2 game with two men on. Vladespin made Collins look great, as he launched a three-run home run that would eventually win the game for the Mets.

Bill Duggleby

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    Bill Duggleby was a below-average pitcher during his eight years in the major leagues in the late 1890s and the 1900s. He posted a 93 ERA+.

    The reason that Duggleby is remembered is because of what he did at the plate. The Philadelphia Phillies pitcher was the first player to hit a grand slam in his first at-bat when he did it in 1898.

Jeremy Hermida

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    A top Florida Marlins prospect in 2005, Jeremy Hermida was called up at the end of August that season, as the Marlins were in the middle of a pennant race.

    Marlins manager Jack McKeon was willing to throw the 21-year-old outfielder into the fire in his first at-bat. Hermida was called upon as a pinch hitter with the bases loaded. He impressed right away as he hit a grand slam in his first trip to the plate.

Steve Sisco

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    Philadelphia Phillies pitchers have been on the end of a number of memorable first hits for opposing hitters.

    Steve Sisco got a hit that he will never forget against the Phillies in 2000.

    The Atlanta Braves were tied in the tenth inning when Sisco was called upon as a pinch hitter. The 30-year-old picked up his first career hit and his only career home run in that at-bat.

Scott Cousins

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    Scott Cousins got his chance to be a hero after Logan Morrison was hit with a foul ball when he was in the on-deck circle during a 2010 game. Morrison was removed from the game in the 10th inning as a precaution, and Cousins was placed in his spot.

    With a runner on third base, Cousins hit a fly ball off the scoreboard that drove the runner home for a walk-off win.