5 Reasons Why Philadelphia 76ers Will Beat Boston Celtics in the NBA Playoffs

Michael FoglianoAnalyst IMay 9, 2012

5 Reasons Why Philadelphia 76ers Will Beat Boston Celtics in the NBA Playoffs

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    With the first round coming to an end very soon, it is likely that the Philadelphia 76ers and the Boston Celtics finish out their series and move on to the next round to face each other.

    It's very easy for casual fans to overlook and underestimate the capability of the Sixers, but I can assure you that they stand a legit chance at taking this series.

    If the Sixers move onto the next round with their momentum, they have a big chance to take down the Celtics (assuming they win).


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    Although the Celtics did finish with a better overall record, the Sixers did have a better head-to-head record taking away two out of three games from the regular season series.

    In their first matchup, the Sixers destroyed the Celtics, 103-71. Evan Turner recorded 26 points and Nikola Vucevic had 12 rebounds. In the second game, they won again, 99-86 with Elton Brand scoring 20 and Spencer Hawes grabbing 10 rebounds. Keep in mind all of these players recorded game-highs.

    True, the Sixers did have a rough third encounter, but overall they fared better.

Great Defense vs. Bad Offense

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    The Sixers finished the regular season with the third best defense in the league while the Celtics finished with the fourth worst offense.

    Doug Collins and Philly are known for their hard-nose defense and hustle on every play. They can only take advantage of this situation.

    The fact that the Sixers well-regarded defense is capable of shutting down good offensive teams, there should be no reason they cannot stop the Celtics.


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    Fact: The Celtics are the worst rebounding team in the NBA

    Also fact: The Sixers are the seventh best rebounding team in the league.

    See the advantage?

    As stated earlier, the Sixers brutally defeated the Celtics in their first matchups this year. Still, it's important to go even further and look at these games.

    In both games combined, Philadelphia out-rebounded Boston by 30. Even when the Sixers lost in their third encounter, they still outplayed them on the boards.

    It's clear the Celtics do not fare well on the boards and the Sixers have consistently outplayed the Celtics on the rebounding side of the game.

Transition Offense

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    Philadelphia loves running the transition game. Against an older team, it will be even more effective.

    In fact, the Sixers proved it earlier in the regular season against Boston when they scored 26 points off the fast break in their first meeting.

    Overall the Celtics are a more older and half-court oriented team. This is exactly the type of quality the Sixers can take advantage of.

    Although experience is needed in the playoffs, this is where youth will serve as an advantage.


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    The Sixers just have so much momentum at this point. If they enter the next round, they would be coming off a victory against the best team in the Eastern Conference. It can't get any better than that.

    Momentum effects the mentality of players drastically and is a very important factor come playoff time.

    With these advantages in place, if Philadelphia escapes the first round, then they have a serious chance of making the Eastern Conference finals.