The 21 Most Annoying Types of Sports Fans

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The 21 Most Annoying Types of Sports Fans
I'm drunk. I'm angry. And I've got some coaching advice.

As we're often reminded by the sports media, the word "fan" is short for "fanatic." It always bothers me when I hear someone like Colin Cowherd say it, because it's always dripping with condescension. But there's no denying that sports fans can get a little loony. 

Fanaticism can be really endearing and entertaining. Ridiculous face painting, elaborate costumes and strange superstitions all come with the territory, and how about those adorable little kid super fans on YouTube, bawling their eyes out after a loss. Awww. 

It can also be really annoying. There are so many different types of sports fans out there, and the harsh reality is that most of them are annoying. And I'm not just being judgmental of the general public, I freely admit that I have fallen into almost half of these categories at one point or another. 

The most serious sports fans fall into many of these. And for those they don't fall into, they probably have someone in their life that does. So let's take a look at the 21 most annoying types of sports fans. 

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