The Logical Wrestlemania 25

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IJanuary 30, 2009

WrestleMania 25 will be in Houston and a lot of people are predicting not the matches that make sense, but fantasy matches. The matches that I have make sense and are logically and I will give my opinion on a couple of matches that could happen but ill have my final verdict.

There are a lot of question going into this week about what could happen with the story lines that are happening.

1. Randy Orton-McMahon's


3. Jeff Hardy-Matt Hardy

4. Edge-Big Show

5. Triple H- Kozlov (if much of a storyline)

6. Swagger- Finlay

With these story lines and many more there are so many possibilities. Going into No Way Out, we know this much about the Elimination Chamber: RAW - Cena, Kofi, Rey, Jericho SmackDown! - Edge, Hardy, HHH,Taker, Big Show. For ECW, its looking like Finaly vs. Swagger for the championship, but not a 100% sure though.

I think For the Raw main event at WrestleMania it will be Cena/Orton (with a chance, not even five percent on the chance, it will have something to do with the McMahon's putting Stone Cold Steve Austin as Special guest referee, but not sure a thought).

On SmackDown, the logical choice would be to have Triple HHH/Edge/J.Hardy but with the actions at the Royal Rumble, it could have a few options: Triple HHH/Edge/J.Hardy/M. Hardy Edge/Big Show/Triple HHH, but in the end I think Triple HHH/Edge will go at it because its the only logical thing until it is confirmed by the WWE Christian is on the roster. So Edge/HHH

I think with Matt Hardy/Jeff Hardy Feud will go to WrestleMania. I think the winner should get a title match to make it interesting, but I think those two in a match at Wrestle Mania makes a lot of sense.

ECW Championship will have Swagger, but against who: Bourne? Finlay? Henry? These are all good possibilities, but I just don't see it happening i only see one logical opponent and that would be the heart of ECW Tommy Dreamer. It will most likely be one of these two but things can always change.

On HBK-JBL, I think with Taker telling HBK "It's Hell get to Heaven" was an idea that once the HBK-JBL ends at No Way Out with HBK realizing does he still got it, Taker and HBK will go at it at Wrestle Mania 25 and yea you say why you say that there are different shows but it really doesn't matter anymore.

On Money in the Bank my picks that would make sense is Benjamin, Kofi, Rey, Jericho, MVP, Kennedy, Bourne, Kane (Not a 100 percent on him though)

It's hard to pick out other match's but when they come to me I will follow up on part II of this article.

Thanks for reading and voice out what you think.